Why I Love the Filipino English Accent

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Hey guys! This was a topic that I’ve always wanted to share with you guys. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. πŸ˜€

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– I was born in the year of 2001, 10th, of February.
– I’m 170cm tall.
Editing Program?
– I use Adobe Premiere Pro.
– I use Canon EOS M10 & iPhone XR.
– I’m 100% Korean, but I’ve lived in the Philippines for about 9 years.
– To make the long story short, I used to be in the KPOP industry for about 4 years. For more info, please refer to https://youtu.be/O7zhtUD-n7o


rayma Zulueta says:

Thank you for loving philippines πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Toto Sialsa says:

leave those shallow minded…..

Mary Official Mix Channel says:

done subscribing….

Mary Official Mix Channel says:

thumbs up….

Reese's Reese says:

One of the many reasons why I never miss any of your contents is bec you know what you're talking about. Always making sure you're doing some research on a subject before putting it out there. Unlike others who are posting anything just for the sake of it. Kudos Jessica! πŸ‘

J Sanch says:

Why would one have an imitation accent when it's not your 1st language. Sometimes I find people who judge by accents dumb. Since they expect you to speak like an American or British and you're a Filipino or Korean. Maybe in Call center industries it's a prerequisite but when just communicating with each other, as long as both of you understand each other even if it is a broken english then that'll be good enough. I even talked past tense to a foreigner I met in a bakeshop and we smiled at each other.

Mikha Distajo says:

i just found out your channel today and im having a marathon right now. loving your contents! πŸ₯Ίβœ¨

Hitchiyaaa Calbi says:

You're so cuteπŸ₯°

adrianwakeisland says:

Very true that filipino accent of english is one of the clearest english accent. It doesn't mean filipino english accent is the best. The most important is clearer pronounciation to nearly all who can speak english worldwide.

Elysia X.X.X says:

Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

Maricel Yosorez says:

It's very clear πŸ˜πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ’›

Ruben Corpuz says:

i have known for a long time that being an adult means having to deal with a lot of shit coming from other people. some of it stems from them being belittled when they were young and wants to project it into others now that they feel that they can do so or just plain arrogant because of high status in life and was never made fun of.

ulo says:

Sakly! 😝

marilou bautista says:

You are right. We Filipinos may not have the best English accent but anyone who listens to us will understand every word we say. We don’t eat any syllables in fact we pronounce every syllable like you pointed out. Thank you for appreciating us and being grateful to your Filipino English teachers.

Girl Indian says:

I love u girl

Ohh YL says:

very very pretty!! πŸ˜€ <3

genelli vllcrt says:

true,, i agree with u!!

Never Ending Adventure says:

Couldn't agree more with you Jessica πŸ™‚

mako ayase says:

You're so pretty 😍

pjap TV says:

Im gonna share this to my facebook, the entire country needs to hear this. β™₯

Adolf Hitler says:

What was soju taste like?

John Christopher Santos says:

Actually. Filipino English accent is the most neutral accent. First, you can understand it well. Second, whoever you're talking to oe whatever accent the he/she speaks you can easily copy them just to be on the page or for them to understand you. But most of the time they can understand Filipino English accent.

Rhymes says:

Me here still doesn't know how the Filipino accent actually sounds.

Lihp Allicra says:

it is practical and economical to study English in the Philippines. Chilren can initially learn the basic Filipino English accent, and transition from neutral to American accent. I used to teach English to Korean kids in the Philippines. they are heavily grounded in Korean accent and it takes time to polish them but kids easily absorb changes.And as for Jessica, she has an incredible ACCENT, somewhat close to Singaporean Filipino English accent.

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