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We’ve begun doing things the traditional Filipino way and to be honest, its one of the reasons why we really wanted to stay here and build a life. There’s a great mindset here that allows you to feel like you have true freedom to make choices the way that suits you. We really love this about the Philippines and that ethos sits well with us.

Today J clears up some misconceptions about our ‘new’ old Toyota Corolla by explaining in detail why we did the things we did with it.

And Story and Sacha prepare a lovely traditional Filipino drink at home that blows our minds. We think we are going to love it here. 🙂

This is the start of our story. Our ‘New Normal’ and new future. We are moving to the Philippines for a new start and this is day 69 of our Philippines Daily Vlog which will document what life is like for a British Family trying to work out life in this very exotic and beautiful country.

Our names are Jmayel, Sacha & Story. We traveled to Siargao island with Jmayel’s mum & Story’s grandma just before the Global pandemic that sent the whole planet into quarantine. We got stranded for over 3 months and fell in love with island life, now we want to make that life more permanent.

Follow us on this journey 🙂

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Sacha, Jmayel, Story & Eden are a young Vegan family currently living in the Philippines. Creating a peaceful vlog about travel, family and life.

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Rodell Cabacungan says:


Aris says:

Jay, looks like your not eating a lot?

Rodel Francis Chavenia says:

The Corolla SB is the BAD ASS CAR (4AGE SILVER TOP ENGINE) this is my First car and that is not just a Car, it is use for SLALOM and car Race mostly in Luzon, NCR vs Honda Civic and Nissan Sentra during 90's… And as of now Toyota has a lot of Spares and easy to maintain…

Clarisa Fabillo says:

so amazed with this family how they adjust the life without any complaining but to find solution instead… 😊

Ana. Bmag 56 says:

Hahaha😂laughing Sasha dancing wearing faceshield…. Happy watching you all.. Huggs Storey.. Stay safe💕😘

E. Men-Edel says:

Have a great and safe trip to Surigao. It always amazes me how you can post daily content that delights your viewers. Your down-to-earth attitudes and of course, smart and cute Storey are the draw. The shout-outs are a great feature, too. You deserve a break though and hope you get it while traveling to another island. Good luck!

BINCA says:

That’s critical thinking STORY👍👍👍

Lesslie Gozum says:

Plssss remove the plastic cover of the fave shield.. It has plastic cover on both sides thats why its blurry 😂 got fooled by that when we first purchased it.. Thought its blurry and all

Ramon Tuano says:

Awesome Story, I 'm Amazed Baby Girl.

Leigh H says:

Is the word you are saying for wrench, 'spanner'? That's what it sounded like.

Budji Tresvalles says:

Do remove the film on both sides of the face shield.

Mareil’s World in Israel says:

My happy pill.. can you please greet my sister’s birthday tomorrow.. ANGELIE PERALTA. Here in israel. Thank you. 🤗

ven mendoza says:

Keep that positive spirit…..

Gigi Bonquin says:

on the face shield, you need to remove the thin films on both side for clearer view

그림자808 says:

Yay good for you blurring parts in your video. I was concerned about that in your earlier videos. I worked with young children and would let parents know that as rule for class, wearing shorts should be worn under dresses or skirts for modesty and safety. I would say to kids, no one needs to know what color or cartoon character is on your underwear except for your parents. 😉

Regi Luis says:

14:43 looks like the protective films on both sides of the face shield were not peeled off yet.

Ji Ji says:

Hi J! sorry that Pinoys are sometimes very nosy and just want to give advice when they are worried…. hehe, we are super nosy I tell you lol, esp. if your channel has become our favorite evening past time (watching our favorite vloggers daily), we just cant just help but be worried, be excited, and be scared for you at the same time that we just want to tell you what we think even if we shouldn't! LOL. It's a culture thing I tell ya. We are so shy on the outside but online, we are a loud bunch of people that are always excited and talkative even if not invited to share our thoughts lol. When Pinoys find you endearing, they think they are trying to show you they care by warning you or asking you why you do this and that, but it all boils down to a culture thing. And I really believe so much of us here find your family very endearing and we care a lot about you! But glad to know that you are so good with cars, best of luck on your future travels and take care always you, Sacha and Story! 🙂

Julie Ann Flores says:

i think you still have the film on the face shield.. you need to remove it to make it clear

Pitt Dog says:

Hi sweet Story bate bate chocolate chocolate🎼🎼

Natalie Glover says:

Omg…I thought a spanner and a wrench were different tools 😂😂😂 I love story’s face when she tastes something, I always think she’s gonna say “no” but then she’s like, I like it!! 😂😂😂

Andre Tucker says:

I wonder if sum channels r fake to get money. Might b a good idea 😉

Angel Gery says:

you can also put coconut milk in your hot drink instead soja milk

Michaela Maestas says:

Love to you all, good job on everything .

Bernadette Balingit says:

Traditionally, my grandmother used ground peanuts with ground cacao

Grace Llorca says:

You have to peel off the plastic liner on both sides of the face shield so that you can see clearer.. 😁 and would suggest that you try some coconut cream or coconut milk to go with those hot tablea/ chocolat drink.. so yum! 😜😋

Chef poi Nemusa says:

Yeah just leave it to the gas burner in low heat and it will have a smooth and froty texture👌👌

Bob Yonker says:

Good Move Mom, just make it. Growing up in Pennsylvania, USA, (in the olden days), my mom used to make hot chocolate using unsweetened Hershey's cocoa, or baking chocolate, milk, and sugar to sweeten. It was the best on a cold winter day.

Stephanie Taojo says:

finally a video is out.😁 saw your IG story that you are in pebble beach. can't wait for your video about it and your day working on your visas. hope you have a great time. stay safe.😊

Paquito lim says:

your face shield doesn't look clear, did you peel the front and back plastic cover/liner?

Juliet spritzer says:

OMG! Love those pure tablia.

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