Vanessa Hudgens – Happy and Proud of Filipino Heritage (Compilation)

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Vanessa Hudgens – Always Happy and Proud of Her Filipino Heritage (Compilation)

Hey guys thanks for watching this video. If you have IG you can also follow me on IG – @jplegrand17 and my FB Page – JP Le Grand or @jplegrandofficial Maraming Salamat Po / Thank You / Arigato Guzaimasu / Muchas Gracias 😘 ( I will be making a separate Vlog for my Travel and Food Exploration Here in Japan and Philippines and in other parts of the world. Well, maybe after COVID19 Pandemic. Stay safe guys 😘💙🙏🏻


Credits to Pacific Rim Video Press Channel for the Vids.

Credits to People’s Mag | Netflix | LG


Mommy Anne says:

Hi guys… pa hug naman po tau dyan 😍😍🙏🙏

Joaquin Berdon says:

She's really gorgeous.

Dopness Pulili says:

I did not know she was Filipino

Reine Flores says:

she will prove that pilipino voice are amazing

B N says:

Wow! I didn't realized that was her mom, I thought she's the katulong because her ilong was pango. I heards she's hypocrites and pretend she's proud to be half pinay.

V. Ava says:

I hope Shay Mitchell is as proud as her. That girl is ashamed of having Filipino blood

dark angel says:

wow,I thought shes an american african or south american latina beauty.

nine famous says:

It was a surprise didn't really know vanessa is filipina! Great to know!

Crstyln Rio says:

3:32 Am i the only one who can hear a breathing sounds?

Pilipinas TWD and COD Gamer says:

Vanessa… shes my favorite action actress girl in sucker punch and bad boys 3.. shes sick cD

Bems Kitchen says:

Try this Recipe 👩🏻‍🍳❤️🧡🤎

Rhina Alviola says:

Vanessa hudgens never fade… she remains beautiful. I watched her movie since HS musical… she is so nice and thankful to be proud having filipino heritage. Thumbsup… im one of fans vanessah…

Eh Di wow says:

Half filipinas are beautiful and inspiring and intelligent, from miss universe Pia and Catriona

YellowPin says:

Watching from Kuwait!! Salamat ..pls watch

Gladys Villero says:

One of the celebs that helped the typhoon haiyan survivors.

All4one Nanay says:


freedomfyter says:

You don't even know what balut is and can't speak tagalog GTF outta here you're white wash!! LOL

mimie akutagawa says:


Beth White says:

wow!! proud filipino here!! just found this channel. and new subscriber here..

Marily Garcia says:

WOW! They sound the same when they talk!😊🤣

region gayoso says:

First on her earliest of her career she doesn't proud of her Pinoy roots. Until few pinays were established success on the beauty pageant like miss universe and hailee Stanfield career in Hollywood in demand.

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