Top 10 Overpowered Filipino Characters

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Welcome back to PhilipPipino Top tens, and today we’re listing of some the most badass and overpowered characters you’ll see in the Philippines. These talented filipinos can be dangerous and showcase strength in their skills, from Naruto Uzumaki saying Dattebayo on TikTok to Philippine government officials playing around with sand.

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Lakas talaga ng mga filipino, pinoy fried 🇵🇭🇵🇭 Join PhilipPipino as he takes a look at some of the strongest filipinos including Harry Roque, Jayson Moral, Debold Sinas, Ed Caluag, and more iconic legends.

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Johnfree Dela cruz says:

Bat nanjan ako hahaha loko

Jetrick Gordo says:

God the script writing is gold jahaha.

just a guy with a fedora says:

The Quality Content Where is not diminishes in Quality.

khim Emerson Aguirre says:

HAHAHA sulit data ko dito 😂

kiko Avinante says:

Bakit ngayun lang kita nakita hahha

Haha Lmao says:

old philippine text says that aling susan is the current holder of the beast titan

Laxide _ says:


WilBuR says:

Its crazy how celebrities fall. Travis Scott used to be a young singer and now he's a Burger

FIGHTER30. com says:

Gi englisan pa

Roman Paulo Quesada says:

HAHAHA kala ko tunay na watchmojo na

Boybie : Mixed Vlogs says:

Watch Mojo.

Jherwin Gaming says:

Kawawa naman si Fred D' Germ

Rafhael Salazar says:

3:26 ano po music mga lodi

Nainda says:

Masmalakas pa si glock 9 kay fredy lods

Nainda says:

Bat ka nag skip sa no 8 🙁

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