Thank you for Giving Help to this Poor Filipino Family. Thank you Mister Tom! The Philippines.

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The 1st visit:


life goes on says:

god bless po salamat binalikan nio sila at may tumolong salamat po mr. tom

Akida Macadato says:

God bless po sa nag tulong sa knila

Oscar Opiz Jr. says:

Mark may gumagamit ng video mo at kay cesar sa panloloko gamit ang fb

LM085 says:

The president and those leaders higher up should be ashamed of themselves that they don’t do more for their people who live in such poverty that they don’t have access to clean water, shelter and basic things like groceries. What a backwards country.

Ocampo Clarita says:

Waww thaks mark God bless u po and of course to mr Tom God bless po sa inyo and more power po

Mary Grace Salon says:

God bless you Everyone

Alive Fit says:

Is TV important when they can't afford one time meal a day ? It's better to educate them than giving help first…

Barbara Lavallee says:

Thank you Mr Tom for sending them food and money. The older boy Vincent’s looks much better than a month ago.

Leslie luke Valle says:

Sana all Cesar

Manilyn Gonzales says:


tryingnothard says:


Keenan Condrada says:

hinde na po sinasabi ang pangalan ni man Rhea what happen po.GOD BLESS.


Awesome gifting Mr Tom. Thankyou also to Mark,Rhea, Cesar and the A Team. You all do some wonderful work. It is great that there are still people that care for the less fortunate.

MELODY Js says:

GOD BLESSED u ALWAYS Sir MARK & your FAMILYπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€β€

Siziwe Lungile says:

Where is mama Rea

Katheryn R. Disbro - Tomlinson says:

That all was a lie from that boy cause as soon as ceasar said he had cash for medical expenses for the boy then he started rubbing his hands together like they hurt and then he picked up that baby. All a lie it is.

Katheryn R. Disbro - Tomlinson says:

Just what I thought there was nothing wrong with that boy all for him to get sympathy and to not have to work or do nothing. But Look at him his feet and legs and hands are just fine and the other boy dont look so happy. And of course so many nosey neighbors as usual around every were.

Bob Marc Lee says:

maraming salamat sayo isa kang blessing sa mundong ito…. ang gobyerno dapat gumagawa nian pero gusto lng nila magpayaman ng payaman gamit ang pera na dapat ay napupunta sa mhihirap..

Tulali Marly says:

God bless u

Olga Curin says:

Wow they are very lucky Good luck ..God less..

muma colors says:

She put her money to good use πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

Aida Kingsbury says:

Yong bigas dapat ilagay sa ibabaw para hindi mabasa at hindi papasukan ng marumi ingat lang.

Rose Buenavides says:


Yam Lee says:

Watching from Korea po. Godbless

Nitoy AC says:

Gud am po sir Mark and your family…i dol kita kc andami mong ntutulungan na mahihirap…pls.subscribe nyo nman ako sa youtube channel..bago lng po akong vlogger ay marami pa akong d alam bilang vlogger!regards sa masipag na si sir Cesar…thanks po!subscribe po nyo ako sa Nitoy AC.

Chi Chi says:


Mak Uji's Kitchen says:

I love to watch this channel. Thank you.

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