SINIGANG | Korean Guys REACT to Filipino Food (ENG SUB) Mukbang

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Sinigang (Philippines)
popular & traditional Filipino dish

awesome taste & insane reaction

It tastes like Doenjang jjigae ( Korean soybean paste stew )

1. chicken sinigang ( Tinolang manok )
2. pork sinigang (Nilagang baboy )

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KIM n LEE says:

Sorry for the wrong food title…T.T

please make sure like & subscirbe
thank you for your support guys♥

Himitsu says:

No sinigang is not an exotic food actually sinigang si really common here in the Philippines

Vinoche Mior says:

you can also try adding kimchi in pork sinigang and boil it again for a few minutes

Ronaldo Pascua says:

Got really confused now what their eating?! 😳😳😳

clayton peña says:

When did pork and chicken became exotic

Jae Suan says:

Saglet— bat overpriced? Char. Its better to learn Filipino Cuisine instead as you can save up to 100% percent.

Loreta Sales says:

First time here in your channel.❤️☺️

daniel dizon says:

try "dinuguan" next please! it's a pigs blood stew.

sofia desacula says:

I hope you guys could also try
"kare kare" ❣️

Emelyn de Leon says:

I can eat pork sinigang & pork nilaga everyday for a month! My favorite Filipino dishes.

Emelyn de Leon says:

the other one is Chicken tinola?

Cristina valenzuela says:

Trrry chicken adobo😊

Rocky says:

To non-Filipinos, just FYI

I would like to clarify from the wrong headers: "sinigang" is different from "nilaga" which is also different from "tinola".


Rebecca Purvis says:

Have you try "Kare kare with bagoong" and Dinuguan 😁

Nards Ragas says:

Try Beef Bulalo

Snubol says:

I just had pork sinigang for dinner but watching this makes me wanna eat sinigang again!

KissB6002 Park says:

Tamarind is used in Sinigang for sour taste👍

Micah Jairish Pobre says:

Hey. Sinigang is best with fish sauce with a lot of chilies. And the fried intestine is for the spicy vinegar 😉

Micah Jairish Pobre says:

Love love 😍

Jhonverace Barcena says:

Try dinuguan! 🙂

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