[REACT] Koreans Try Filipino Breakfast #34 (ENG SUB)

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hello guys~! welcome to korean brats(react & funny) channel
korean guys philippines life vlog!
“what do koreans think about philippine or pinoy culture?”

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pink kittycat says:

Basta dito kayo pinas magstastay,lalake at lalake talaga kayo like jerry kim and jinho bae…hehehe,ganyan kasarap pagkain ng pinas!☺️


I love watching ur videos♥️

Cesar Valera says:

I want to eat all those for breakfast tomorrow but don’t know how to make them and nowhere to buy them I know in Toronto!… i could eat those for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yummmmy BRATS!

jennelyn bacus says:

I really love Koreans💗💗

Lita Mendoza says:

Please try eat the champorado, Lugaw.

Czennies Bhevz says:

Them eating breakfast🥰🥰


jojo niegas says:

Tocilog is the best for me, among all silog and tocino is good to deep in vinegar sauce with garlic 😋

ms. kim says:

thankyou for appreciating filipino breakfast❤

Minzy Gonzales says:

Mostly filipino’s if they eat like oily foods we make it sure that they have a vinegar or tomatoes with ‘tuyo’ or soy sauce.

Shemara Lee says:

Omg im starving😩i missed to have breakfast with my family in the Philippines❤

Thank you guys

khilatt krungkrung says:

🤘🏼☺️🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😋😋😋😋….. It's 5:28am here in the Philippines as I watch this video…. I'm really starving….heading for early breakfast…. Good morning to you all… Coffee ☕ while watching your mukbang "silog" video.

pink kie says:

Please try Mang Inasal next time. I'm sure you will love it.

Ivonie Leon Balagot says:

Try that when u guys will go back to Korea😊

Rosa Mia says:

The reason why the fried rice was in color yellow was because of "turmeric". When the rice was cooked, instead of using a regular water as the reason for the rice to cook it, turmeric was instead used. Usually a coconut water mixed with some grounded turmeric was mixed in the rice and yeap it does taste so good though. Must try though! ❤️💙💚

Cora The Explorer says:

Hmmm pinoy Food full of food color, monosodiym, and other additives. Not good.

Glaiza Gano says:

Must watch! Watching them really makes us proud🇵🇭❤

jessie javier says:

I also love “Tapsilog” too the most…with spicy vinegar as the dipping!..😋😋😋

Charmaine Nunga says:

I really love watching you three!! Keep up <33. I love pares and so as yohan, grey and minminnnn

Kristine De Los Santos says:

Currently watching

Kristine De Los Santos says:

Y minmin and yohan not eating the egg? Its part of the silog series

Kristine De Los Santos says:

Authentic fried rice of the philippines is garlic rice

Bev IshiChia Lax says:

Hi.. Guys.. have you tried eating 'Tuyo' and 'itlog na pula' for breakfast?

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