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Filipino Cuphead – Funny Moments – Part 2
Part 1:

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Wala, pati ako na frustrate sa episode na to >_< 6,969 likes for part 3?

Dale Russell Balingit says:

Note: they can just let the garlic be so it won't cry

Mono Kuro says:

Na Carry lang ni Nhil si Gloco, what a predicament 😂

Brave Lil' Toasty 1273 says:

Tip: Every pink thinf you see, is slappable. Even if it doesn't look like it is. As long as it is mostly pink.

Face Mask says:

wtf the carrot goes "it really hurts" hahaha

Battousai X says:

Tip: Madali gamitin yung homing bullets pero mas tumatagal yung boss fight. Mas maganda yung ibang weapons kaysa dun sa gamit niyo, charge shot or yung boomerang maganda for basically every situation.

Jays Mansueto says:

Breath in.. breath out.. okay.. i will watch this part 2 without getting triggered now. 😁👌🏻

Cyrille Gaming says:

Gloco vs the carrot boss
Shoutcasters be like : isang one hit nalang!!

Brave Lil' Toasty 1273 says:

Since you play on Switch, there is a sceret boss on the vegetables boss. You just have to not attack the onion to activate it.

Spitfire Aly says:

its easier to get cards ( super ) when parrying or slapping anything pink kahit kalaban pa . heads up

Vander U. Maulana says:


Chaotic Wood V says:

Diba pwedeng iparry yung mga pink stuff

Fried Noodle says:

Lapida yun di kabaong o ataol.

Bobo Gloco ne!

Loraine Añape says:

Ireally enjoy watching to you guys.. pa shout out naman po A big fun here in mindanao

Mr White says:

Nasan na yung a way out

Jazz VLOG YT says:

Si kuya gloco basta mama matay na si kuya trinhil may pa mura pa hahaha

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