Nerd Picking Up Girls on Omegle pt. 3.1415

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All for jokes and entertainment.


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OreBaron says:

1v1 in geometry dash punk?

Looven z says:

i dont know why but 6:47 got me dying on the floor haha


Bruh you are more flip than the light skin ones, and that white dude saying you don't look flip. Bruh.

Raccet Kun says:

I'm literally binge watching your content right now

Unknown says:

The fucking edits is fucking killing mee😂😂😂

Ashley Jacob says:

omegle annoys me

Unknown says:

That was dougie smooth asf

Vedant Dabur says:

Are you from tennessee………

Give me your snapchat

Riri Espinoza says:

Ang saya saya kuya Willie!

Riri Espinoza says:

Ang saya saya kuya wil! Hahahahahah

YoungSauce says:

I swear to god this man…. is sadd filip GET SOME ALREADY

Anamitra Pal says:

What's the song @ 2.56 ??

Oisin Mcinerney says:

Stream snipe 😂 😂

Deine P says:

0:46 si idol willy ahahah

Mr lauriux says:

im 12 and im 5.3 ayyayyy

Cesare says:

69 dislikes Lmao

King Twood024 says:

My boy played kendrick lamar untitled 3:36🔥

darwin llanera says:

hey i hope u read this your vidoes is amazing funny you make cool instenct

deegee says:

istg i love this dudes edits. keep up the good work dawg

PYTthegamer says:

4:13 Nani

Lil Savage says:

sad u didn't get to talk to that malaysian boo

CrackedFGH says:

Finally a new Omegle video, i've been waiting for it from weeks

Vince Cruz says:

Lets go maan denver in 7 you already know 💪

kung fu kenny says:

Lol wow wow wee

Jose Beats says:

These edits got me dying wtf 😂

Kianne Idea says:

Anyone Filipino? hi :>

Benjamin Guiney says:

soda makes u more thirsty its made to deliberately dehydrate you so you drink more of it

Kenneth Sagaral says:

there's so much edits

Klåůs İssac says:

This is so sad🤣

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