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Jorell Rx says:

Angie you're so sexy and beautiful!

The Rizzuto's Family Vlog says:

Hello, new subscriber from Bohol Philippines 💙😍

Rey Ruedas says:

You're correct

imelda domingo says:

CGe lang…wait lang…yan na lang…

devilishkin bacon says:

Huwag = No, Do not. "Huwag po = Please, no". You sounded really comfortable with tagalog, cute. Try bisaya coz your accent can adapt easily to our language.

Ardie Nabago says:

Beyhnteh nlangg poooh = hahahaha

Jay B says:

Angie, you're "spot on!" Love your accurate observations.

james antiox says:

i really Miss my Ms Angie S. she is sooooo….ANGELIC RUSSIA BLOOD ..she pretty lovely girl in the WORLD..🇵🇭🇷🇺💖🌹

DarkR0ze says:

you could also yell "tapos na 'ko!" when you're fed up with x, y, z
'gigil' is also what you feel when you're boiling up in anger before you explode
'doon' is formally pronounced as 'do' + 'on' and informally pronounced as duun like how one says 'y'all' instead of 'you all'

Leo Janson says:

hi angie how you doing

Ar Papa says:

What time is it, Anong oras na?⌚

rooster mo says:

Spicy at matamis ka Angie. 🙂

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