Matty vs. the Filipino Feast

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Matty heads to the Filipino neighborhoods of Winnipeg and is hosted by Ron and his father “Hot Rod” Cantiveros, who teaches him how to make Longganisa sausages. Matty samples a variety of Filiipino street foods and pastries, then cooks at a traditional Boodle Fight.

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This episode originally aired on VICELAND in 2016

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Desmond Yap says:

7:42 – that background music is lit!!!

Morgana Moonshard says:

I can eat 5 Balut in one sitting 😅

YoungCrs says:

I like my balut extra furry

D B says:

I assume this was filmed before the pandemic hit. Looks like so much fun.

Yellow Flash says:

Matty in the food truck: "A lot of dudes in here~! A lot of dudes!" (Not noticing the girl) 5:42

Rowen Tan says:

Love this. Props to Matty!

mike says:

I h8 Filipinos!

dannyb20 vtec says:

You rock matty! This was dope!

install Gentoo says:

Canada sucks

primeradriver says:

Don’t feel bad, a lot Filipinos don’t fuck with Balut. Shit is gross

Erdinel Mangubat says:

At least Matty doesn’t have to stick his arms into these fish to catch them

spen's law says:

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣hot farm in your mouth

JoeSchmoe says:

One of the best episodes yet and honestly idk why

Aaron Koay says:

props to him for even eating the balut

Peter Cole says:

Lol. Used to love those eggs. I remember eating almost a dozen at once when I was a kid and then I looked at what I was eating and did not have one since lol

TheEnnisfan says:

Matty can't f@ck with the yaka/yanko. LOL.

Iamhandsome Andspicy says:

The Hotrod guy sounds like every other cool old filipino granpas

Toni Wallace says:

I enjoyed this episode so much

Jewo Rs says:

Hahahaha. I laugh si hard.

Jimmy 302 says:

Been living in the Philippines now for 3 years, my favorite is chicken bicol express and adobo and lechon baboy 😂😋 The country of the gentle people❤️🇵🇭

Nuel Sanchez says:

The producer of this video must have been Filipino to add kundiman music HAHA phenomenal!!

I spilled my coffee on the floor says:

Goiter gang where you at?

Crowtein says:

Dude can cook spaghetti and meatballs wearing a white T and not get one red spot on it.

Crowtein says:

Oh hey it’s little Matty Mora!
Little Matty Mora!! Rickety Cricket the street urchin aka street rat.

Little Matty lucked right the fuck out catching ah fish with such girth and length.

The majority of the time you’ll absolutely lose such a fish if you indeed refrain from setting the hook which will radically increase your chances of the fish shacking the hook right the fuck out of his mouth hole.
Setting the hook and you radically change your chances of landing your fish of choice.

Ideally you’d want the hook to get all up in that fish’s mouth securing it yet doing as little harm to the fish and his lips as humanly possible. Even if you aren’t catching and releasing and plan on chowing down on the fish big time, you do not want to cause damage as unfortunate pain and suffering is without a doubt a bummer big time.
Now you can’t always avoid hurting or even killing the fish you catch on hook line, reel and pole due to them swallowing the hook and you are left pondering the age old question on what the fuck to do now fuckers?
Thinking about your options will lead you to first think about if you can retract it back on the fuck out of the fish and retrieve said hook without ripping its guts out thru it’s mouth, or maybe just be quick and done with this hassle fish and cut the line and let it go, hoping for the best, or you think about ending it’s life as quick and painless as possible and letting him feed the lake/ocean or pop hit on ice and take home to cook as you see fit?

I didn’t get into everything else. For example holding the fish up for a photo and dropping it on its back and head causing pain and suffering fuckers. That’s it I’m done!

Remember to always set your hook!

You’re welcome Matty!

Hannah Alciso says:

this was 6 hours ago. But how come there’s comments from weeks ago.

hayden isaacs says:


Jake Tammara says:

jim is spongebobs dad

J-Roc D says:

Hot Rod AKA Filipino Master Rang

Joward Uy says:

Tried eating balut when I was 7 i guess and that was the end of it! I’m 28 rn and that’s not gonna happen again. Wet Penoy is a good alternative tho.

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