Koreans React to Filipina Celebrities: Who is Korea's "Ideal Type?" | EL's Planet

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Every country has a socially constructed “standard of beauty.” Today, through our Filipina Celebrities (Liza Soberano, Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, Maymay Entrata, Maine Mendoza, Jane De Leon), we compare and contrast the Filipino and Korean standards to learn their similarities and differences.

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EL's Planet says:

We hope you guys enjoyed our surprise video! While the beauty ideals being mentioned in the video do exist in their respective countries, remember that these are all socially constructed and are not to be used objectively. Everyone is beautiful in their own special way. 💜The goal of this video is not to put the beauty of women in the Philippines, and South Korea against each other, or to say that one is greater than the other; rather, the goal of this video is to compare the generally accepted/stereotypical standards of beauty in South Korea, to those of the Philippines, through our South Korean friends reacting to Filipina Celebrities!

Gerald Noveda says:

I did not expect that girl speaking tagalog. I was shook!

Kiro Raphael j Lepasana Lepasana says:

How funny if your a handsome or beautiful Filipino this is the the first question that in foreign mind….

Are they mix?

ichi muss says:

The girl with stripe sleves haha shes very cute with speaking tagalog. Hahaha

Loui Enriquez says:


Crya Lopez says:

I see some comments telling they're disappointed because most foreigners think Filipinas are beautiful because they're half blooded. I think they said that not because they actually doubt Filipina beauty, but because Filipinas have a variety of beauty styles since we are influenced by so many nation (america, spain, korea). That's what I thought.

Crya Lopez says:

Kathryn 😍😍😍

jaein says:

shookt ako nag-tagalog sila lmao

Facebook Compilations says:

U know what, koreans are racists. They use FILIPINO OR PHILIPPINES, when mentioning dark skin toned person. Like ? What's the matter being tan or black? We're in tropical country and also near to equator. Do y'all have to question that?

Chibiyusa Kurenai says:

I like the diction of the two girls speaking in Tagalog. It kinda make me say WTH? Hahaha 😆

Greetings from Philippines🇵🇭

Vivian Gever says:

Oh, my Maymay..

Thandie Dawn says:

I like the girls who speak Filipino, they're very nice, careful and detailed when reacting. I can see that they adore every Filipino celebrity that was shown to them

Thandie Dawn says:


Blackpink . Red Velvet says:

Hyoyeon from snsd and nadine lustre can be pass as a sisters because they look a like

Bumble Zee Bee says:

There's some pure filipinas that are "Chinita" and Round Eyes and some has naturally fair skin and tanned skin and that's Philippines

For Serenity TV says:

here for nadine lustre ✨😘 My main

kris says:

Can you also make comments for korean actresses?

Minari Wansue says:

lol jihyo and dahyun

KIMchi PoTAEto says:

The girl talking in filipino is so adorable

unalome says:

i don't know but Nadine is more than just a picture

Satan says:

1:57 First thought: THAT'S DAHYUN AND JIHYO!

FiloOnce~~wer ya at?

Kc Delos Santos says:


Nhelwin Quebral says:

I request EATING BALUT….

Poppie Asian says:


Hana Nokoibito says:

I am happy that most of our celebs don't really need to go under the knife because they don't really need to..They are naturally beautiful…just a little touch of make-up then voila! Awesomeness hehe

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