Koreans and Filipinos Discuss the #CancelKorea Movement | STREET DEBATE

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Recently a Filipino-American TikTok star shared a dance video where a tattoo of the infamous Rising Sun symbol could be seen on her arm. This outraged Korean netizens, some of whom escalated the incident into racist attacks on the Philippines. This lead to the #CancelKorea trend in the Philippines. For the first time ever, we actually conducted two street interviews in Seoul and Manila at the same time to get both sides of the story. Let’s hear what people had to say.

The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Filipino and South Korean population.

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Asian Boss says:

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yoongles bread says:

Cancel Korea? Like the whole ass country? Yea I don't know what kind of impact they are going for but I really doubt there's gonna be a whole shame Korea-

Moscoviya2009 says:

Replace this useless "cancel culture" with
"who cares? I don't care. You do you. Leave me alone." type of culture.

AR ES says:

That Filipino guy speaking English answered like he was in a beauty pageant.

Will B. says:

Bella Poarch did not do it intentionally to think that she's not Korean after all..Not even doing a research for having American blood as well who's residing in the U.S. They look up Westerners and look down on South East Asia so where do you think they belong? Not every single person knows the history or past of other countries. We had the same experience or more than that. This is just a matter of acceptance. It happened before and you cannot change that even if you try to avoid it. It's all in your mind and just keep moving forward. That would be for the better..

H San says:

Good job with help making the peace and God bless. I appreciate seeing others with big platforms doing good things in the world. But everyone very careful about many news stations because many make most of their money when people are either fearful or outraged or forcebly put in edifed scenes or hateful commentary on nationalist or political views and will keep digging for wounds. Theres many health commercials in news stations, lawyers, insurance i see then in any other channel and voting leniency then any other channel. Stay safe and God bless.

깉알못 says:

Korea was invaded by Japan for 35 years, and Philippines were invaded only 3 years. Despite it was 3 years, many old generation filipinos state that the 3 years was much more painful than the hundreds of years of the Spain colonization.

utomon says:

I’m sure Bella didn’t know the meaning of that tattoo. She maybe Filipina but she’s also a US navy vet. Meaning that she’s a permanent resident of the US. As a third culture kid myself, I had less exposure to my asian roots so I kinda understand where she’s coming from. We “westernized” asians don’t know much about our own countries, much less other countries. This is just my two cents.

Chummy Chime says:

You could see the difference in the reasoning of both nationalities. The Koreans are really similar to Japanese.

Gerardo Juarez says:

I quit my work with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

PheonixDreams77 says:

First issue is that the tattoo WASN'T the Japanese flag, it was a heart with the stripes like the Japanese flag. Secondly, I find it insanely hilarious that Koreans get mad at a Tik Tok star for having a tattoo, but applaud teens or celebrities doing black face. If they don't care about the offense against other cultures, why should anyone care about offense against them? Make it make sense.

Work Idk says:

I do not owe anybody anymore thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

John Smith says:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Does everything have to revolve around (insert Far East group here) ? That is the reason, for me at least, why I will go right out and say that I don't like them. Totally self-centered and inconsiderate. Always wanting it both ways. Fake. Rather feminine if you ask me. That's what I think, now ask me if I care. Oh, me so sowwy.

Hoxha Durrsim says:

My country was invaded twice from Italy and Germany and we also were under the Ottoman Empire. However our rage and hate goes more towards Serbia, even though they never conquered us.
Just history, different events are experienced on different ways.

Just Her Carryon JHC says:

The irony. They don't understand why people are upset about their use of blackface "because its not their history." But got forbid a foreigner has a rising sun tattoo, she's supposed to know the Korean history.

Ikon Wong says:

Only one I learned in this issue is generalization is horrible thing. Troll Koreans generalize filipinos in bad way and troll filipinos are doing same thing. hate birth hate and innocent people get hurt because of them. As a Korean, I’m so sorry to filipinos who get hurts by racist Korean kids.

Abe Mo says:

Thank you Asian Boss for another enlightening episode of trying to get people to understand and create a positive dialogue from these issues (serious and ridiculous alike). I agree with many comments that social/news media has been used and twisted by many for perverse reasons, but we must stop the 'Doom scrolling" and getting spun out by it. In the end, as a Japanese-American and as a Buddhist, with friends from all walks of life and cultures, I completely agree with the one young Filipino man, that understanding and responsibility starts with the individual as global citizens to educate ourselves, no matter the country. Do not be discouraged by the actions of a few or a minority group, in our country and elsewhere. We are more powerful than we know sometimes, we just have to believe in ourselves and that potential.

M . B says:

It's just a freaking tattoo ….let her do whatever she wants!!!!!

Patrick E says:

Korean culture got famous because of K-drama and K-pop. South-East Asians should really invest in quality production in the entertainment industry and STOP putting more money into Korean entertainment. Love your own, stop wasting your money to the same people that look down on other nations in the region. Filipinos helped them in the past and yet they look down on them. They hate seeing the Japanese Rising Sun Flag but they did the same thing in the Vietnam War, killing many Vietnamese. STOP glamourizing other culture that doesn't care about you, and start investing in your own and other SE Asian nations!

Sasha B says:

South Korea gained soft power by being people pleasers and think it’s okay to look down on other cultures

Brye Luna says:

This is basically an argument over who gets the last piece of twinkies. Non-sensical.

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