Korean Try to Make Filipino Snack!!! For real???

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Korean guys try to make Filipino snack (Prima Toast)
we tried to make Prima Toast a CEREAL style

so…this is Prima Toast Cereal!!!
and it tastes sensational

1. sliced bread
2. melted butter
3. sugar
4. milk
air fryer

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KIM n LEE says:

please try to make this cereal
and let your friends know about this!!!

MaeMae03 says:

오랜만이다! Guys, 드디어…. 😊😊
I’ve always thought that Biscocho will definitely be good with milk. And you guys made it and turned tostado in a cereal. 👏👏👏👏
Where’s Mr. Smith, though? 😂

Candy de la Peña says:

It would be better this way:
After spreading butter, sprinkle sugar, then toast. Try it. 😊

Elisa Dizon says:

I thought it was croutons ! 😁😁😁
Greetings from Las Vegas 🇺🇸 🇵🇭

crazymessleigh01 xoxo says:

Hmmm I wanna try that too 😋😋😋

金恩Jin says:

Better in ☕️ coffee

金恩Jin says:

We’re is mr smith?🌈🇵🇭❤️ Kim and lee❤️

Ritchelenajoy Oporto says:

I wonder how is Kuya Smith Kim since you guys back. He must busy

Josephine Johnson says:

Good to see you two again enjoying homemade Filipino-inspired snacks 😊

Roan Apostol says:

Wow 😯 ❤️

JC Beltran says:

Watching From Philippines im Filipino and i love koreans☺

Cathy Bose says:

It’s been a while…😊💙

Rr Ruta says:


KaylerFaye says:

Try cooking Beef Pares

Ren Quion says:

Wow O.O I'm Filipino, and I've never seen these made at home. Whoaaaaaa

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