Korean Making Authentic ADOBO

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Hey guys! This is a video that I originally made for the Philippine Department of Tourism, Korean branch. It was not necessary for me to upload this video on my channel but I still wanted to just to share it with you guys! I was supposed to upload this video few weeks ago, but unfortunately it was delayed. It was really awkward for me to film a video entirely in Korean but I still hope you guys enjoy. 🙂

Morning Routine by Ghostrifter

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– I was born in the year of 2001, 10th, of February.
– I’m 168cm tall.
Editing Program?
– I use Adobe Premiere Pro.
– I use Canon EOS M10 & iPhone XR.
– I’m 100% Korean, but I’ve lived in the Philippines for about 9 years.
– To make the long story short, I used to be in the KPOP industry for about 4 years. For more info, please refer to https://youtu.be/O7zhtUD-n7o



You can cook chicken and pork together.. its called chicken pork adobo

Noel I. Tan says:

That looks very tasty yummyy

i love john cena Eser says:

you can level it up by putting some boiled egg on it added extra flavor

Orly Molina says:

That looks good!😊

ehd chris says:

u can add some pineapples if u like 😀

mark robbin florendo says:

Hahaha looks legit. Amazing

Gaber Ror says:

And it's more tasty if you put potatoes and chicken meat

Gaber Ror says:

Adobo is much tasty if you buy a meat from the slaughter house because the meat is fresh

Caye Peralta says:

You can put pineapples instead of sugar and also potatoes 😊

Deborah Rondez says:

Hello Jessica, you can mix or add brown sugar a little in your adobo, add chili to become sweet and spicy adobo. Try it next time.

빔빔Marven says:

i love you jessica!

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