KOREAN CHEF React to Filipino Food | Pork Sinigang

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Pork Sinigang (Philippines)
famous & traditional Filipino dish

Korean chef react to pork sinigang??? for real???

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KIM n LEE says:

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Kat Serrot says:

You might want to cook "shrimp sinigang" ?! ❤❤❤

Autumn says:

Goodness me the the way he's slurping the soup. Slow down Chef🤣🤣🤣
I love Italian food myself but Filipino food stand out as well😊

Me SeeSaw says:

the chef like it, 👏 to the person who cooked that sinigang.

leah lee says:

Omo Yun is funny too! Odiya Smith? Mr Yun might replace you!!!

Attia Loraine says:


Freya Alcantara says:

why not try to add some "sawsawan" like patis with calamansi and lots of "sili" 😂😂😂

Ara Libot says:


Yadah says:

Lol you guys endured that, if my mother cooks sinigang I would surely eat even if my cheat day is out of schedule.

Jee ann Santi says:

Give him red horse pls 😄

Noir Et Blanc says:

You should also let him eat, adobo, bicol express, sisig and lechon😊

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