Is Filipino the SEXIEST Language in South East Asia?! REACTION

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Is Filipino the SEXIEST Language in South East Asia?! REACTION

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rence david says:

i'll be biased to say Philippine language is sexy because i'm a Filipino, but i think Indonesian language does sounds good.

Internationally i like the Italian language bueacse it sounds sexy. for english i like the British accent, though sometimes it's hard to understand specially if it came from a different region. but it does sound sexy coming from both male & female

stay safe!

bitoy villamor says:

With George's eyebrows going into a slow-mo, semi-epileptic shock wave motion, staring with those greasy eyes, and then blurts out , "you look nice". Than Lucy comes, "I'd be scared", is hilarious!
Is English sexy? Only when it's the queen's English!

rhima h. says:

British accent for me. 😍

Aries Bayo says:

Hey please react to Mark Grist vs Loonie. Its a rap battle between a Filipino and a guy from UK

Abel & Qayin says:

British is the sexiest accent for me.

Jonson Javier says:

British accent is sexy.

Roseller Gatdula says:

Hello Lucy and George. I think the queens 👸 English is sexy.

Amado George says:

You shall put ilonggo instead tagalog of phillipines language that was so sexy

human ngaya says:

i guess year 2017 or 2018..british in sexiest language that time..before is french..


Yeah it really depends on how the person say a word.

Chris R says:

Love it! Awesome. Be safe! Cheers!

Felize Velario says:

Sexiest language for me has always been french 😍

marvin ibabao says:

to answer your question, i think british accent is very sexy sounding. i always describe it like a "bouncing ball".

nel ossi says:

If u mean the British accent? Yes it is sexy. One of the most loved languages in the world. But English as a language, not. I'm used to hearing it my whole life so it's like a normal day to day language to me. I like French too.

chelmaex camasura says:

For me Bri..ish more sexy accent..i luv how bittish people talk😆 and i want to learn some.

Er Galang says:

IDK but I love the accents from Nordic countries.

Quench Gamer TV says:

my favorite language with a beautiful accent: American/English and spanish

Chad Intal says:

British accent is sexy, at least for me

Kim says:

😂😂😂Lucy and George we find English sexy haha your accent really nice..

Paul John Cayabyab says:

Hi! Can you react in this video where american girls sings tagalog songs"Go up" of SB19. Here's the link. Thanks.

Donald Rayven says:

According to a Famous Website. The Filipino accent has been ranked first as the sexiest in Asia and 21st in the world, according to a travel site survey. Big 7 Travel disclosed Sunday the results of the poll conducted to their readers from all across the globe. Followed by Vietnamese and India 2nd and 3rd in Asia.

gurl rockz says:

Lucy is blooming 🙂

Joseph Occeno says:

1:47 Lucy likes kinky fun 😉😆

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