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Pork Adobo is a widely popular Filipino dish simmered or braised in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onion, bay leaves and pepper corns. Potatoes, carrots or tofu can be added too as well as a combination of pork and chicken, pork and chicken liver. Adding lemon grass is healthy and adds a distinct flavor that enhanced the taste.

Ingredients are adjustable to one’s preferences:
Pork belly
Shallots or onion
Garlic (be generous)
Darker soy sauce or combination of both light and dark soy sauce
Apple cider vinegar or any white vinegar
Plenty of black pepper, peppercorns
Salt to taste
1-2 bay leaves
Chicken powder -optional
Fish sauce -optional
Enough water

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M I N ChanneL says:

Wow kelihatan enak sekali gaes
Selamat malam

Debbie Bustamante says:

Lemon grass gives good flavor to any dish…

Ladee Urrea says:

Ma try nga din thanks sa recipe 🤩

Jenniebeb In USA says:

try ko tong recipe mo sis I like lemon grass talaga

Lifetime Journey says:

the all the time favorite filipino dish!

Cabalen Betty's Vlog says:

Super sarap yan sis miss ko na kumain ng pork..masarap yan medyo spicy pa sis..gusto ko din na tuyo cya dito kasi di pwede kasi mga bata gusto may konti sabaw..

You be the Cook says:

I have so much lemon grass growing in my yard that I never knew how to use it, I'm glad I came across your recipe. I'm going to try it. Thanks!

Lady LizaMary says:

i love adobo sis and your recipe is wonderful <3

HanMi Life says:

Like#12 Greetings. I found out about your channel from Yummy It! Food. Any friend of theirs is a friend of ours. Your pot lid put a smile on my face. I noticed it said, "Made in Korea" I'm a huge meat lover so naturally I chose to watch this video first. It turned out great! We look forward to watching more of your content. Like= check, Subscribe= check, Bell notification= check.

Yummy It! Food says:

This kind of reminds me of Vietnamese caramelized pork belly minus the vinegar. I love the twist with the lemongrass, it gives a hint of citrus, tangy and minty freshness w/o overpowering. The pork is very tender. I like the idea of cooking down the sauce, all the flavors of the sauce are in the perfectly cooked pork belly. This is going into the playlist for sure! Please give me a plate with a big bowl of steamed rice! I love it. 👍LIKE #12

水口忠正 says:

Looks delicious.
The recipe repertoire is wide, thank you in the future.

Kobe D' Golden says:

I want to try this😛 Looks soo delicious ❤

Rain Charisse says:

lemon grass pork adobo sarap

Pinoygalaero Trip says:

Sarap bagong version ito may lemon grass.

gizmo Martin American life says:

wow bago ito may lemon grass sa pork adobo salamat sa bagong recipe nyo po

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