How Chef Wesley Altuna's Filipino Delivery Restaurant Is Taking Over Toronto — First Person

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After being laid off from his job at an advertising agency, Wesley Altuna started selling Filipino food over Instagram. His project, called Bawang, exploded, and now he’s hand-delivering over 25 orders of beef mechado, pork adobo, sweet chili chicken wings, and deep-fried lechon a day to the city’s eager residents.

Producer/Director: Daniel Geneen
Camera: Andrew Budziak, Ryan Morgan
Editor: Daniel Geneen

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: McGraw Wolfman
Coordinating Producer: Stefania Orrù
Audience Engagement: Daniel Geneen, Terri Ciccone
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Eater says:

Thanks for watching! If you want to keep up with Wesley’s journey follow him at

Other Otter says:

'But my mom's is the best"

Lmao the comedic timing of that comment made me cackle 😂😂

rey barbaso says:

Oh my god jhon llyod cruz is his assistant cooked

Jow Star says:

I mean the food is cool and all but its all worthless without rice but thats just me

zahir jaffer says:

Delivering cold food? That’s criminal!

Grant Williams says:

Awesome video. Can't wait to order next time I'm in Toronto

Shen G says:

My grandma and my mom said that you don't stir the adobo after putting the vinegar because it ends up overpowering the dish after. Like once you stir it, there's no going back. Your dish is f**ked up. And it happend to me once, and they were right. My adobo tasted 'vinegary'(if there's even a word like that). So maybe it's chemical reaction or something. You have to let the vinegar boil first before stiring. I'm not sure tho. I just follow their instructions. Always. 😊

Neo VandalZ says:

Pilipino's has their own way thru this pandemic and by the way WE ALL LOVE OUR OWN STYLE OF COOKING especially in adobo but after you put vinegar to it, DON'T TOUCH IT ahaha

John Bryan Alcovendas says:

6:44 That's what she said


every minute he keep saying F*CK

Kristian Bayle says:

Hell yeah! No measurements on the ingredients thats how you know its good! Its 2am and its making me hungry. 🤤

Miss B says:

Filipino food is so good. Definitely tastier than Chinese. Wish it were just as easy to find.

Christopher Aying says:

Pinoys are really amazing anymore in the world. Super "Madiskarte" in life.

Enzo Ocampo III says:

Very body eats adobo in the filipino or else your not filipino my cousin has soy,beans,and peanuts alergies but adobo still eats adobo even if theres soy sauce personaly i dont like adobo but if you mix it with pancit perfect.

Ranbir Dhillon says:

Team Paulie, I don’t like Lou’s microaggression

GRASS - says:

Pinoy pride 🇵🇭

Matthew Tan says:

Their Happiness is contagious man!

Eric Sapil says:

Proud Pinoy. Mabuhay ka.

the great One says:

Why do American always use the word F ,just curious 🤔

Martie Madriaga says:

You know that the adobo will be great when he said "when you put the vinegar you don't stir it."

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