HOMEMADE FILIPINO PANCIT!! **the best ever**

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misssss.b says:

Thanks for the recipe looks amazing.. Maria buy a bigger cutting board

Skyler Carlos says:

I had to stop watching them usalways and alondra channel now I like watching Benny channel but not the ones with alondra in it which I’m sodo glad Benny said he’s keeping his own channel right now and not doing a together channel thank god

JoannaMarie Gomez says:

Your mom, "You guys bored?!" Thanks for posting the other half of your ethnicity.

Marlene Sevilla says:

Can y’all make a cooking video of pork adobo it’s soooo bomb !

glamourpink makeup says:

Follow me on tik tok @makeupdollpink

Adrianna Aracely says:

Lmaooo okay so beau makes a comment about the mom pointing but, did I really just laugh so hard and played it back like 4 times when Maria and Beau both looked to where she was “pointing” in a split second lmaoooo and then calls her out lmaoooo brooo idk why it was so funny to me but, it was

Ivette Chan says:

Awww your mom is so adorable more videos with her and also how your mom and dad met !!!!!!!!awesome 🙏🏾❤️

Rosella E says:

Maria has good knife skills! Ps your mom is so pretty.

asm031178 says:

We need more cooking videos with mom….she is the cutest

Jai Hoosen says:

My daughter loves you Maria estella she thinks u bomb gf and Beau has the cutest smile from my 10yr old daughter shout out to Jj Damian and Serenity I looooove yrl guys

Yvette Guajardo says:

I won’t make this recipe because I always have to watch you guys video!!!❤️ love you guys so much!!!

Cindy Diana Martinez says:

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE MEXICAN RICE??!!! It’s super basic try it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dayanajara says:

the intro song🥴

Ashley Acevedo says:

Love you guys!!! This is going to be my 4th dish I make for my family, you guys explain very well and I like how You record every step & explain it!! I love this please keep making food vlogs. Try doing a Dessert ☺️💕 love ashahboo

Kourtney Tacan says:

Wow..i can't wait to try..thanks!

Asialyn Salvador says:

Love that you’re part Filipino!!!! 💘💘

Ruby Dominguez says:

Nice Video
Ur Mom Is Awesome

Maggie Jimenez says:

“More makes it taste better” no wonder my fat ass eats 10 servings😂💀

J J says:

There is a similar food in Vietnam like this, so delicious!

Sandra Ceja says:

Why are people making fun of how she says "carne"? I'm full Mexican and can't pronounce R's especially roll them. I don't do it on purpose either it sucks

Arlet Teran says:


Jade Zamora says:

Silver swan is thee best honestly 👅👅

Gaby Guillen says:

I made the spicy ground beef from your previous videos and I loved it!!

Tawny Rosas says:

Aw omg I never knew you were filipino mexican 😭, just like me 😅. Love you maria💕

Jassy says:

Thanks babyyyy I’m a mixed asf girl & my husband is straight philipino & craving this I can never make it RIGHT lmaooo 💙💙

melissa morales says:

My Guatemalan family also points with their mouth lol. 😅

anis garcia says:

Story time of how your mom and dad met 😍

Anita says:

I love y’all sm, I like every video before I even press play 😘

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