Getting our First FILIPINO MASSAGE in 8 months! (Not What We Expected)

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Getting our First FILIPINO MASSAGE in 8 months! (Not What We Expected)

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The Juicy Vlog says:

Check out Mandara Spa!

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Yvette Rodriguez says:

You should invest in a stand up desk so you don’t have to keep working looking down at your computer. It will help with the neck and backache

Jokester 4026 says:

I've seen allot if not all the episodes of modern family…funny show

1375chelsea says:

I love those pillows.

Andrea Lee says:

IATF and DOH watching….

Che Rryl says:

blind massage 😍 vibes massage @ robinsons forum/pioneer (mandaluyong)

Alias Marg8ta says:

"Comment below"… Vlogggers – Have you ever said "comment below" accidentally to anyone when you are not filming? LOL

MSW Legaspi says:

Video seems shaky

edna suratos says:

keepsafe always ..

Nurse Gamer says:

Your mask must be upside down

arman silva says:

seems like u have new lenses on ur camera

Nida Wilson says:

Have you seen Andrek Vlog showing his house and cars? He is half British

Roland Juno says:

Amazing πŸ’•

Eman Benisano says:

You must have have acclimated to the weather. You’re wearing a jacket in Manila!

Imloved Lags says:

I Need That WHEN I'll Be Home… Whole Body MASSAGE

Jhel B says:

I thought I’m going to see a massage in action lol you should do the cupping therapy. I want to see both of your reaction during the massage (insert evil laugh)

Michael Suarez says:

Se science community recognized the benefits of massage. Total rejuvenation.

Fayery says:

i miss full body massages. i always have it on my birthday to pamper myself.. but not this year T_T

Siopao Bola Bola says:

Love to hear Lucy say "Plantita" 😍😁

Marites Yosores says:

Stay safe much love from kuwait ❀️


i love watching your vlogs everyday.great job guys .more wonderful.vlogs from this two.wonderful people.

Trent Diaz says:

To Lucy's male fans out there, the thumbnail is all you've got. Move along, nothing to see here… lol. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Joel Dalimocon says:

Good luck lucy

Mariecris Gallego says:

Try to visit The San Benito Farm in Batangas… highly recommended 5star spa resort..

AR ES says:

Discovered a new show from watching reactors channels. You may enjoy watching Gaya Sa Pelikula, a Filipino gay or BL comedy/drama series on YouTube. Episodes appear every Friday on Globe Studios YouTube channel. It's already on part 3 of an 8 part series, and has English subtitles so the story is easy to follow along. It'll make a good addition for your reaction channel.

L Mija says:

Ooh, I want those philodendron gloriosum & alocasia frydek pillows 🌱 😍

Cons29 says:

An hour of massage here is $60, I'll have one when I get the chance to have some vacation

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