Filipinos | Russell Peters – Red, White, and Brown Tour

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Watch the hilarious DVD-exclusive bonus footage from Russell Peters’ hit stand-up comedy special, Red,White, and Brown Tour (2008)!

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immarcaugustus says:

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Ian's Random Content says:

the heck maaaannnnn !!!! u got it !!! The english with Filipino accent XD

Tofu Boi says:

I'm sold

p rl says:

The accent and subconscious racism of Filipinos are on point lol

Gaudia says:

His filipino accent mimicking is tops. 👍

Sheryl Tade says:

The accent is pucking accurate hahahaha!

Travis Dom says:

in the Philippines, yes Indians are mostly called Bombay… i know its a place in india but for some reasons we just called them bombays instead of indians…. and yes! Indians and Filipinos stick together like rice!!!!😁

Philippines Unfiltered says:

So accurate 😅

kyle terry says:

You go in the philippines, indians and filipinos (and chinese descendants from the spanish colonial era and the early 1900s)

Kame Hame Ha says:

Nailed it 🤣

Mara Barbra says:

Omg his Filipino accent is perpek.

towingu says:

pattay talaga.oh toinks

Fatma Asanji says:

0:49 "Little tabachoy" 🤣

slickarific M says:

Im filipino and my job is work from home and i still work with bumbay😂

Craigslist Reply says:

But very few filipinos in India 😂😂

Elizabeth Armada says:

Pautang nga ako Bombay 😁😲😪5 6

Archangel Mystic says:

you nailed it

Lu Aquino says:

tabachoy bumbay

Hugo Villegas says:


r3nz vesthr33 says:

o baka ma offend na naman kayo?

Proud to be a Republican WLM says:

Why do Indians & Filipinos get along so well?

India #2 of most populated country
Philippines #1 country who watch porn

You know what I mean

Bobby G says:


Jem Mendoza says:

Imagine a netflix special with Russell and Jokoy. That would be a lot of fun. 😂😂😂

Jabez Jireh Uro says:

Tabachoy rice

RM Lorenz says:

0:50 Tabachoy 😂😂

Paoly Pacheco says:

His Filipino accent is much better now

Amilbangsa Madid says:

Indians are mostly good people. In Davao they have made our city their and they very welcome. They are nice people.

Truth says:

the impressions i rate are 100/100 its actually perfect.

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