Filipino Nurses have truly Hearts of GOLD

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Live : good morning Britain
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Buhay Call Center Agent says:

So proud to be Filipino because of our nurses. Our heroes! 🇵🇭

Amé van says:

Pinays are the best just like pinay wife amen too that

Silver Flores says:

Salute to all fronliners especially filipinos.Mabuhay kayo and God bless😇🙏

Lea Alontaga says:

Well filipino is very family oriented. And we filipino we're working with all our heart… Stay safe and God bless to our frontliners all over the world we filipino are very proud of you mga kabayan. Ingat po tayong lahat. Mabuhay ang dugong filipino!!

Froilan Crisostomo says:

Here in the United States 🇺🇸 160,000 Filipino Nurses👍🏻


Filipinos are very very family oriented. Since the virus, we are all in the same boat. And I am thankful for their efforts to take care of us as they would their own blood.

Lea Marie says:

Iba talaga pag alagang Pinoy

Viva Filipinas says:

I am Filipino. My mother is a nurse so are my three sisters. They work all over the world with TLC…tender loving care…which comes from the Filipino culture of well knit families. The young members are expected to take care of their elders until death.

Liezel Cosep says:

Proud to be PINOY 🥰💞👍🤗

Mina Song says:

Sad reality in PH, healthcare workers especially nurses doesn't get what they deserve. They are being looked down and most of the time neglected by the goverment.

Phil Bautista says:

Galing nyo.salute

Flying Ostrich says:

This makes me proud of my Country. But kids are getting matured too early. They act like they are Legal at age 13.

Shepherd Boy says:

I pray for your healing and full recovery so you can continue your calling for His glory. 🙏🏼

tuberobotto says:

Doesn't it make you wonder, 15 seasons of "ER" and not a Filipino nurse in the cast?
16 (!) seasons of "Grey's Anatomy" and not a single Filipino nurse among the cast.
8 seasons of "House", still not a single Filipino nurse in sight.

Have you ever been to a hospital without a Filipino nurse? It's surreal!

Unknown Zer0 says:

So uk trying to manipulate Filipinos.. Coz Filipinos don't complain??? Then this is Wat they rally??? Such a shame these UK'ISH TRYING TO EDUCAYE FILIPINOS…. UR LUCKY MOFOS coz Filipinos don't complain…

what da facts says:

Yah they are so thankful that pilipino nurses are there to exploit and put most of them on the frontline with not enough PPE yah they are heroes because they are dedicated to their job as well they have no choice.

Kate's Philippine Adventures Fun says:

love all.. …

Bumble Bee says:

Proud Filipino medical staff here!!!

Zee says:

yes, Filipinos have a heart of gold and that's what get them in trouble sometimes. they don't complain and so they are sometimes taken advantage of…

Sakura Frost says:

Filipinos are some of the kindest people on earth.

1quickster says:

Look here in America, Whites usually in management. Blacks usually in sports. Latinos in service sector. Asians are diverse. Seven Eleven owned mostly by people from India. Chinatown owned by Chinese. Filipinos are in the hospitals and the Post Office.

Richell Batuigas says:

I'm proud to be a Filipino nurse. Thank you for appreciating our kababayan.
Can we be friends? 🤗❤️

Jenn De Jesus says:

Thank you for acknowledging Filipino nurses and medical frontliners for their hard work. ❤️

To out fellow kababayan, get well soon and God bless 💕 sending love from the 🇵🇭

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