Filipino Man Shoots His Neighbor

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KGSJR says:

Absolute idiot! He wasn't being attacked and the guy didn't enter his house.

Rural Route Gypsy says:

Play stupid games wins stupid prizes, neither of them came out as a victor

GodsMan500 says:

This ain't Mr. Roger's neighborhood, that's for sure.

GLOCK 23 says:

its a normal in the Philippines…if you are annoying… you're dead..

Douglas Official says:

you cannot do that here in the philippines, most of the time you'll get hurt or worst, get killed

Tanucci says:

Wow, lots of cameras in a shanty town, even on his own property.. glad it caught the guy though..

spyropm says:

Hey John, take a look at this fight and rest of the story after that https :// .com/mg/minas-gerais/noticia/2020/10/23/motoboy-reage-a-ameaca-de-suspeito-de-tentativa-de-homicidio-em-mg-e-video-de-briga-viraliza .ghtml

bagonick modeste says:

Choose your fights wisely

XONAR G says:

There’s nothing wrong, he wanted to challenge him and he lost.

As challenger you should be considering all risk including death.

Tom McStacker says:

Number 3. Turn off cameras.

NathanTransportLLc says:

Shabu or Meth as it is referred to in the U.S, local dealers are targeted not only by the National Police Force but the current President in a speech to the FNP (Philippine National Police) made it clear, arrest documented “Pushers” any resistance coupled with the threat to bodily harm to the Officer as the President has stated “will be met with deadly force” or as the President is fond of saying “ do I need to make myself any clearer ?” Local courts will take into account and any previous “Terrorist Threats” by the scum and will favor the defense in this case. The current Philippine President was elected with a mandate to rid the country of Shabu and as a sovereign country is doing so. America should take note, Meth is killing the young and old and is under reported by your News Media.

Romeo Jr says:

Nah.. He's just gonna call a guy who knows a guy to have a preliminary trial, pay the blood money and have the case dismissed. One of the many ways you can play with the shitty justice system here in the Philippines.

Mehtab 43 says:

Just because you are angry…. does not means that you are good.

Green Team BC says:

He kinda has his hand behind his back like he has a gun tho… strange he mag dumped a guy at his house lol

GaryNumeroUno says:

The perp wasn't being a very good Catholic!

David Gallagher says:

Jehovah’s Witness do not ring this man’s doorbell.

Garethjolnir says:

You have my utmost respect for your spiritual fitness comment, John. Thank you for the amazing work that you do

Cecille Chan says:

Duterte will take care of him.

Reginald House says:

Is there a known condition or phenomenon where people react violently with total disregard of consequences? I mean if it were me, even if I really wanted to kill the guy, the immediate cognitive awareness that I would not be getting away with it would without a doubt stop me from doing it in such circumstance. It's not about a moral decision, but rather a self preservation one. The certain consequence here far FAR outweighs the benefit of shooting him dead. Why do it? I though that would be default in all humans. Would love to get insight into this.

ferrabras says:

This kill is not legal in any decent country.

Condor Joe says:

That is an unlawful killing and is called a homicide in the Philippines equivalent to manslaughter in the US, since there was a provocation. The lawful reaction should have been was to call the cops for threats and/or alarms, instead of shooting the victim.

Suck ma deck says:

This was 2 years a go. I think the man who got the gun is a retired government employee. Don't know what was his job but he's a retired man.

Ballistic & Apex says:

This is what we do in the Philippines if you are looking for some trouble. This could possibly happened if a Veteran didn't killed that guy. The Veteran will be shot or Him and his family will be Massacre because the guy who got killed is a member of a drug Syndicate. In the Filipino culture if someone threatened you it will happen fore sure. "Its always better for asking or bargaining to the family of the person you killed than your family receiving of bargaining because you got killed. Remember Handcuffs could be fit in Everybody's wrist. Everyone could be a Criminal. Look for some friends not an enemy…..

Wrilo Dc says:

what about states with castle doctrine or stand your ground isnt that basically shoot on sight if they come on your property?

Mike says:

Well.., yes..but at least he covered his ASP. LoL

RidersOnTheStorm says:

The homeowner is a retired airforce.

Marigold&Mark Vlogs says:

Philippines and Brazil 💕

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