Filipino Father and Son Catch River SNAILS for Survival. Poverty in the Philippines. Filipino Riders

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Note: My friend Willy was a victim of hit-and-run and it happened just few days ago.

My motorcycle video clips are old, taken years ago.
I don’t ride anymore.
I already sold my motorcycles and cars years ago.


Again, thank you very much to all who donate/contribute to our cause.

To anyone who wants to donate/contribute: Donate through our campaign page.
Our GoFundMe account:

You can also donate through paypal.
Our paypal account is:

We need your continued support…..

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We need your continued support so we can continue this humble program of ours.
We need people like you so we can reach poor Filipino families, one at a time.

I’ve been helping and reaching my fellow Filipinos for more than a decade, since 2006, but without recording it on film.
I just decided to film the activities we do in 2015 to spread awareness.
This time guys: I need your help. I need your helping hands to give joy to Filipino families, one at a time.

How it works:
Your contribution/donation goes straight to the individual/family we reach/help.
After we reached/helped 1 individual/family: We then move on to help another.
Our objective is to reach 1 economically poor individual/family, one at a time.

Thank you very much…



fgs 23 says:

U need to use homeopathy for breast cancer…it works coz my mom cure from it already…it cost much cheaper alternative compare to chemo

Loisa Binarao says:

ramon magsaysay is the best president,and duterte is best president too.

Goldie L says:

I have watched a lot of these feel good programs and for sure they are just that, just feel good programs for watching and feeling good that you did a little but the real questions go unasked. What have you done to change these people's homes and lives for the better? Many questions and answers are presented at the beginning of some shows but the poverty and dirt and rubbish remains unchanged and unchallenged. Manila started a major clean up programme to clear the place of filth and rubbish. I've seen your programme boasts of doing this since 2006 but to what end? Why didn't you begin a clean up programme to clear the place of rubbish and make what little they have better back then or even now? Isn't that your ethics? Why not begin a clean up programme to clear the place of shit and rubbish and encourage the people to volunteer to clean up their own mess with a small incentive as you further boast thus is not a hand out but for their story. We know the story and it didn't take over a decade to work it out so what's your excuse? Start a small compensation scheme for their work and get a large skip removal programme started, either daily or every other day? You have been doing this for over a decade and the rubbish remains unchecked and unchallenged so start there and put your money where your mouth is. Get the rubbish removed, you have plenty of man power as hundreds of children suffering there are not there by miraculous conception. Rethink your approach and make the living conditions liveable. Why continue to go there for over a decade and not make improvements? Manila did it in less than a year so what’s holding you back? End the bullshit shows and start making a real difference. Real question, how much money do you typically make from each video of these people? Do they get any royalties from their stories? Why not reinvest that to the improvement of water and sanitation to each place. Your motto of wanting to put a smile on each family doesn't hold water as they were smiley faces before you got there. Stop the pretence and start the process and get with the programme sir Mark. Maybe it takes the white English to show you the way.

Erlinda Fields says:

Open your mind your eyes T he Big Chinese businesses control that country the economy
They are the wealthiest people in the Philippines 🇵🇭!!!!!

Use2Earn Make Money Online Platform says:

sick channel you have i love it! friends? 😀

Ràchelle Rivera says:

Bakit ang videos mo mixed? One time u were sharing your political views in the middle of the video.

moomoo radish says:


Mj Nia Dez says:

#RaffyTulfoInAction 🙏😭🙏😭🙏😭

teresita iglesias says:

maybe.they excited,,sometimes i always wait to hear say,thanks to God that you have to help poor like,and hope more blessings to come WHO gave this gift.such a rice at money.wag pong kalimutan..unang pasalamatan si God.❤❤✌✌✌

3838383 8383838 says:

Jayson you are worst than shit for saying so . If you’re going to die one day ,think back what you will leave behind you will not die peacefully leaving all the things you love and cherished.

3838383 8383838 says:

Mark with whatever money from donors , why not buy a plot of land let the poor settle there so they can plant and grow their own food . Adviceable. .?…??????.blessed the good hearted for helping..

3838383 8383838 says:

VERY poor but VERY well mannered .they end every answer with a SIR.

Brittany Duckworth says:

Hi Mark, this comment is unrelated to this family but I was wondering if Niko has been taken away from his father due to neglect? Ever since you suspected neglect I have been so worried about him and thinking about him often.

Jared Faye says:

Donations well spent on fancy cars,women and motorcycles… lol😁

Jared Faye says:

If the philippines stayed under the United States territory everyone would be getting a 1,200 dollar stimulus check, instead of a couple bags of rice… lol

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