Famous Hollywood Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Filipino [REACTION]

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►Famous Hollywood Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Filipino [REACTION]
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Mae C says:

Vanessa Hudgens during her teenage years never acknowledged her Filipino roots, she always said she was Latina. Lol. A lot of Pinoys dislike her for that.

Jose Basanez says:

You guys should check out Enrigue Iglesias mom! She is well know in Spain now as a socialite as well

Lee Mal says:

Pls react to Dance With Me – Skusta Clee😊😊😊

joseph estayo says:

listen to jenine berdin song banal na aso santong kabayo .. hope you i can watch it on your channel =)

Jay Bermejo says:

Its ovious the narrator of the video is filipino too😂 bc of he's accent

CHONG_ KE_L says:

Hey bubs and doee check Batista's tatoo with the Philippine flag…

Evangeline San Diego says:

Luv you guyss 💋💋❤ stay safe

Pls react to BTS life goes on

Chris Canlas says:

Batista also appeared on 1of manny paquiao’s fight as his bodyguard,he was also there to support his fellow Filipino fighter…🙏🇵🇭💪

RS Maraviles says:

HER is also half filipino.
Apl and jreysoul from blackeyedpeas.

Jenny Lyn Brusola says:

Can you react to halik by gloc 9 ft flow G please i love you both sooo muchh🥺💖

Odd says:

thesame thing happened to me when I also just learned that BATISTA was a Filipino.

ophelia Ligtao says:

Try filipino foodssssssssss

Rowela Alzona says:

I love doeeeees laugh!!!!!

Frank Castle says:

You should see the duet of lea salonga and darren criss

Tiburcio Lagumbay says:

BUBS I love u

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