Doing our Grocery Shopping at Local Filipino Market! (Market Market BGC)

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Doing our Grocery Shopping at Local Filipino Market! (Market Market BGC)

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Lvn Aloria says:

Id like lucy's FaceMask where did she buy it from?

Rose Anne Benito says:

Stay safe guys!❤️

N B says:

okay george. lucy is the chef of the household and the interior design, you are just the flower2 lolz


It's rainy season always bring umbrella

Pipe Down says:

Tip: always bring an small umbrella😊

Ex Noc says:

Go to SR price club. Experience American style bulk grocery shopping, with US goods.

Bph Lover says:

Strawberries are expensive here because we're a tropical country and we can only grow them on cooler places like Baguio.

tulip flower says:

gud pm guys,wash your vegies &fruits with 3-4tbsp of vinegar &a liter of water,so it will be rid off with germs bacterias,GOD bless you both &your family😄😄😄

Yie Jinie says:

New Subscriber here.. Keep safe po.. Love watching your videos 💕

Shauri Shauri says:

It's been years that I haven't visited the Market Market and the development is very great. Hope someday I can shop there again.

Luvs Win says:

Yeah finally! Better buy there than in malls coz when you buy in mall, vegetables and fruits are ridiculously expensive!

Carlo Caacbay says:

Oh that crazy rain

aklan pinoy says:

Love Market Market especially that section in front of the Mall where stalls from the provinces selling its sweets and goodies. Yum! Thank you!!! 🙂

Saki Doo says:

Love that you try not to use plastic bags ♻️

Saki Doo says:

Patiently waiting for your vlogs daily ❤️

Saki Doo says:

Keep safe. Next time please bring an umbrella ☂☔️☂

jay lopez says:

really? someone dislike this vlog??

Unknown Evolution says:

Hello!I am really your fan!You made us smile in your very simple way!TYSM

luz manalo says:

Every day im happy watching your vlog

Bhe Syang Amau says:

*keep safe every trip**it's rainy season nw??*😃😉😊

Peter C. says:

Strawberries are hard to grow here, only in mountains with low temp like Baguio, mountain province .

Glenn Tampico says:

Be careful…Fresh but might be full of pesticides…

Arsenio Magtibay says:

You guys are like Filipinos now

mhar 2812 says:

Can you guys do a 1000 peso challenge to buy all your groceries.let us see who can buy more between george and lucy..whose with me

Ann Marie says:

I missed Market Market!! Thank you for this vlog🤗

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