Crazy Rich FILIPINO's in MANILA (PART 2!)

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Crazy Rich FILIPINO’s in MANILA (PART 2!)

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The Juicy Vlog says:

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Joy Ayco says:

Umm can I ask a question where city is that

Rocky Road says:

sana all yayamanin

PB131 _chavacano barbero_ says:

shout-out on your next video,
and please do recommend my channel to all..
stay safe always you guys,
thanks a lot!!!!!

Ultra Boost says:

i miss BGC. i also love those Petron and Shell gas stations in Alabang and SLEX gas stations where you can spot GTR, Ferrari, Lambo and other super car groups gathering during weekend late hours

Noah angelo Ballesteros says:

White and orange lamborghini was mine i was in front of the store did not see you though

Savage Gaming says:

2:14 That is mercedes the supercarprank they have brilliant exhoust like sound a pagani like effspot

Johannes Christoph Dagandan says:

Wish more sports car vlog will come

roger defiesta says:


EJ Shin says:

Actually, it looks like a free carshow there.

Sam Tv says:

very nice cars.

Saki Doo says:

Please get your own little peanut 😻

Saki Doo says:

370k!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Saki Doo says:

Watching your vlogs is now part of my daily routine ❀️

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