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Cooking Filipino Breakfast At Home… BRING IT ON! I was so happy to find out that I had dried fish in the house. Locally called bulad, this is a well known breakfast here in the Philippines, and one that is very easy to cook. Except you must cook it outside! Seriously, this fish is stinky!

In this video, you will see my talk with my Filipino neighbour Boding and then try cooking breakfast for my Canadian roommate Bret.

I really love dried fish. It is so good…

Even without rice!

Breakfast at home in the Philippines… cooked by a Canadian. Just another day in quarantine here in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao.

Power On!




BecomingFilipino says:

Over the years many of my friends in the Philippines would make that joke…

"Drop a fork… a man is coming!" "Drop a spoon… a lady is coming!"

Anyone else relate!? 🙂

Izzy Kiel says:

The bulad you fried is the kind of lami nga bulad which we called Pinikas.. Pinikas in english is slice or cut to pieces but stick together

Dethro Pusing says:

is it only me or anyone else saw that the door behind kulas keeps on slightly opening 15:09 to 15:15

Cottage Cheese says:

The name of your knife is Mezzaluna if im not mistaken man! I have seen it in the Anime. Food wars is its title. Good stuff man!!

Maria Theresa Rosaros says:

Or buy a rice cooker easy peasy rice everyday

Maria Theresa Rosaros says:

Where's the rice?

luisa garcia,EdD says:

scrambled egg in Tagalog is bati.

Yhong-yhong Navarro says:

It's not stinky.

Ian Golez says:

Less salt danggit ang lami. Pwede papakon maski walay kan.on. Hehe

Rick B says:

Bulad (buwad) in any kind is great with tomato, onion, cucumber salad with any kind of vinaigrette, pinakurat works well also.

Karlyn Grace Valencia says:

Hahhahah. You are an idiot. It wouldnt be the same without the rice..

Karlyn Grace Valencia says:

So you can conserve oil, una muna scrambled then bulad.

Inday Walker says:

Paglung ag ug rice kulas, lain kaayo na walay rice hehe

Aldrich Faurillo says:

1. Whisking the egg in Tagalog is 'nagbabati ng itlog.' The root word is 'bati' (pronounced as bah-tih, stress on the last syllable). 2. Bati (baa-ti, stress also on the last) also means 'greet.' 3. The same word means 'in good terms with' (bati tayo–we are good). 4. You may see raised eyebrows when you use the word without specifically mentioning the 'itlog.' 😂. You always say Magbati ng itlog, not just Magbati. Otherwise, it will be taken as To jerk off 😁.
Good luck, Kulas! Keep safe!

rosa flores says:

Boding is a mood. 😊…….. kulas, asa ang luto ana? 😁

Pinoy Life in Italy says:

Mezzaluna Knife- it's an Italian Knife,means half moon knife, Chopping knife.ka lami sa bulad nimo Dong Kulas

Girlie Geslani says:

Your vlogs are very heartwarming and I’m glad that you’re promoting our country in a very great light..You have helped our tourism so so much , having said that however, we all know these are hard times all over the world and I’m one of those people who are in the frontlines and most of the time we feel helpless and wish we could do more so with that I was wondering if you can do vlogs that would uplift and inspire everyone to make a difference even with our local neighborhood, I know it’s lockdown almost all over the world but we can all brainstorm to find ways through Facebook or whatever means to help each other albeit your vlogs are really inspiring but these are desperate times and sad times..Baby step actions can go a long way…

Keep it Simple says:

Sarap naman yan 😋😋 tapos my itlog na pula.. Ay kalami gud kaayo 😋😋

Apol in Basel says:

Cheese knife

omega73582 says:

you gotta work on the accent now though.

pauljohn0001 says:

looks great! ill make the same sunday 🙂

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