Comedian Jo Koy Cooks Filipino Adobo Wings

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Jo shows Michael how to make one of his mom’s favorite dishes.


Renee Howard says:

"grab a sharpie so I can put your name on the lid" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Pinay Pena says:

Every Filipino cooks chicken adobo differently…I put more vinegar 😋 yummm

San Diego 102 says:

Love Jo Koy!

ruth arjona says:

He is the best. Always like him even before he got a huge deal! ❤️

halleluia2025 says:

Da fuq is he making? That's no adobo!

xo jerrica says:

filipino here. yeah i guess that’s the easy way to make adobo lol. but your missing a lot of sabow Jo.

YasmineJasmine says:

I make this all the time didn’t know it was adobo. I add ginger though and honey.
I marinate mine over night though in a tray and flip the wings over and slow bake then crisp up the wings.
It’s my 4 year olds favorite

Avi B says:

Sara and keke gobbling down the food. Goodness

Dari Love says:

Man that chicken looks good!😋

Stay Motivated says:

2:49 Michael pulls the plate away from keke ! You're welcome

Marie R says:

Jokoy plus Filipino Chicken Adobo is a hit! He is super funny!

SlyghTly Tyghty says:

if that ss the case

Shana Thompson says:

Keke is hungry

Meh M says:

3:00 “Nordstrom Rack” ? 🤣

Dottie Tracy says:

Look at Keke eating the food and also Sara. Michael is always cooking so Cool😊

debbiedoodiedandi says:

"Everything. But mostly the face, Envy" – Jo Koy on the Breakfast Club yesterday

Wander Lust says:

I saw his special. He's really funny

Angelkisses says:

Man they tearing that food up it must be good 😋

Lilli L'amour says:

I'm making that chicken tonight

JoMoe G. says:

He tossed that wing at sara lol

Bless U says:

Damn they’re making me hungry! Deadass want chicken rn 😭😭

Om Abdulla says:

Mickel eating is sexual

indair raine says:

Wow jokoy conquers ssk amazing

Denisa Anthony says:

It's Jo Koy… haha

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