Chicken and Pork Adobo 4 Ways (The Best Adobo Flakes) Filipino Recipes

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Adobo is one of the most popular Filipino dishes, but did you know that there are so many different ways to make it? Here’s how to make adobo in 4 different ways– from using coconut milk to refrying to flaking.

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cess medrano says:

not a good idea to watch this at midnight!!! craving for adobo is too strong! thank you erwan! adobo + gaviscon! perfect for me ❤️

Lash Murjani says:

I’m excited to try the adobo flakes ☺️ I’m curious, what oil did you use for this recipe?

Rem Rare says:

Just how many subscribers did erwan gained for the last 5months?😳👏👏

Portia Laxa says:

Nakakagutoooom 😫😭

Jason Francisco says:

I wonder why ur not using sugar into ur adobo.

Phoebe Anne Minas says:

I guess may husband will be more proud of me when I cook this kind of adobo.

Cyriloneous says:

Adobo flakes oh my lort 🤤

Myla Grace Silaga says:

Mouthwatering. My fave! I’ll try to cook adobo on weekend. Thanks, Erwan!

Ella Marielle Estanislao says:

This video reminds me of Archieboo HAHAHAHA

CK Revil says:

My So and son loves adobo.refrying the meat really makes a difference in flavor

Liezel Sotto Jimenez says:

My boss they like adobo a lot and honestly only 2ways I know😂, thanks for your sharing this, when I started following u I've learned more ,thank u and I'll wait for more details 'bout ur amazing recipes

Jaica Calaminos says:

erwann gawa ka food vlog about chicken feet, the isaw, and Filipino street food!!! Hope you will notice this 💕

Chill Gaming says:

Adobo in Cebu is deep fried pork. ☺️

Sheena Tenorio says:

i remember my mom used to cook fish adobo flakes (idk what kind of fish) for practically purposes, it last long and napapadami kanin namin therefore more left over for the coming days lol

all about food with Christie says:

Adobo Filipino' dish. We have a LOT of versions of Adobo I have mine in my too. Thank you Erwan for sharing your recipe too. Keep safe

Josiah Keith Domingo says:

Erwan getting scientific with his drug's mechanisms of action. Hahaha, love the recipes bro!

Vannessa Ebron says:

This made me so hungry! I’m cooking pork adobo tomorrow 😍😍😍

Glydel Mari Bautista says:

This is so good! 😍

Liz says:

This is giving me Matt DAvella vibes

Mayo Nice says:

I will definitely do this!!

Velle Cruz Iwamoto says:

I love adobo pero Hindi po ako marunong magluto Kaya super helpful Po nito thank you Po kuya ❤️❤️❤️

Shirene Lotas says:

I’ll have adobo tom 😍

Velle Cruz Iwamoto says:

Super thank you Po ☺️

Shirene Lotas says:

Swerte ni Anne, so much adobo to eat 😂😍

Ho Ho says:

love watchin it hahaha while eating adobo aswell. yummy

Jocefe dela Torre says:

I've shared adobo recipe to my husband, and he's a chef. He loves it! We did a 24-anape dinner for his dutch clients and adobo was one of the thing he served. They too enjoyed it! 💕

Khael Vlogs says:

now i know what to cook for tomorrow! Thanks, Erwan!

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