www.tanglungcombat.com For Filipino Martial Arts in London try George Fitzgerald’s Tang Lung Combat Academy. Learn the ancient art of Eskrima-Kali-Arnis as taught by George Fitzgerald, a qualified instructor under Warriors Eskrima’s Krishna Godhania and the [More]
Alma Moreno plays the aswang attacking residents of a remote barrio. Catlyn (Aiza Seguerra) and her yaya Veron,played by Manilyn Reynes are accompanied in the countryside by Dudoy, the family driver played by Berting Labra. [More]
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This toddler battling a rare brain condition has been left with real-life DEVIL HORNS after a botched operation. Twenty-two month old Clyne Solano suffered from congenital hydranencephaly in the womb which prevented his brain from [More]
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This is the chicken version of the adobong pula or red pork adobo that’s dyed and simmered in the colored and flavorful oil. Here’s how to make it. Visit our website for more food news, [More]
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