Beef Mami Soup Homemade (Easy Egg Noodle Recipe) – Filipino Noodle Soup

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This beef mami soup is hands-down, the ultimate comfort food. Here’s how to make this Filipino noodle soup from scratch!

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– 300 g all purpose flour
– 1/2 teaspoon salt
– 2 1/2 large eggs
– 1 to 2 tablespoon water (15 ml)
– Add water or flour as needed

Beef and broth
– 5-6L of water
– 900g brisket
– 6 scallions (3+3)
– 6 slices of ginger
– 6 pods star anise (3+3)
– 1 tbsp cardamom pods
– 2 sticks cinnamon or chinese cinnamon
– ½ cup peanut oil
– 12 cloves garlic
– 1 medium white onion
– 1 piece palm sugar
– ½ cup dark soy sauce
– ½ cup mirin
– ½ cup light soy sauce
– cracked black pepper and salt to taste

optional: soft boiled eggs and chives

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Katrina Cruz says:

Thank you po Sir Erwan for always creating great videos about food. Keep it up ❤ always stay safe and God bless

Armi Escapes says:

Anne is definitely livin the life. I need a husband who cooks like this

Rowena Cayanan says:


Gani Santos says:

Way too mich noodles, but im not complaining…

fatima lasam says:

Hi 👋 can i use pressure cooker or slow cooker for the beef? Thank you ♥️

Jan Erick Allado says:

This is the most expensive looking bowl of Mami I have ever seen. Damn. Street food mami looks like shit compared to this.

Chelliz MacB says:

Yum! My only mistake is watching this during bedtime…now I am craving so bad! Baka mapaginipan ko pa ito, jusko!

Jackqueline Gabito says:

Joshua and Babish – Asian style 👌👌👌

Skid_Uno !!!! says:

u should do ur own recipes in chicken wings HAHAHA plss do it HAHAHAHA

dhaygdhig says:

I'm just here for the slurping action.

Lyka Sean Samarca says:

Heart from you please 🤗

Ria Ed says:

Looks sooo good, I'mma try this today🥰

Mary grace Jadulos says:

Yummy 😋😋 kuya!!

Greyson J. says:

You should workout ur shoulders more

Michael Alvaran says:

Mami ba yan? La mien yan. Kulangot ka Erwan.

Estefany Cortado says:

Atoy manen ni manong erewanen! Agkakatay ak payla gengana tatta dyay sizzling bulalo nga inaramid mo!

Gianna Silhouette Mariano says:

Even if I don't have scallions, can I use onion chives instead?

mio beast says:

Paturo kapo sa asawa mo mag tagalog

Eduardo Viajero says:

Philippines has no living or popular Noodle Culture! Even in Palawan they just sell Fake Vietnamese Pho. But it has at least became semi cultural and that was because of the Vietnamese refugese who lived there. Batchoy is legit in places like Ilo-ilo.

Rhea Enon says:

😄 i love this

BossX86 says:

Only the realist Chefs put ingredients in the description.

adriienne cee says:

What kind of flour was used in the noodles?

Kristine Tolentino Dela Rea says:

Liking before watching 😄 first time to comment on youtube haha

Jaxon SALEDRAB says:

You forgot to add chilli oil or chilli flakes! Hahahahaha

Job well done Brother! Best food ever!! Best comfort food all year round! Winter is upon us so, time to stock up on beef bones! Haha

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