BEAUTIFUL FILIPINO BEACH HOME – Lechon Turkey And Local Barangay (Davao, Mindanao)

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You would have briefly seen this place before, but this time we decided to spend a night and cook a lechon turkey! It was a rainy and gloomy day… but eventually things cleared up, and I was able to take a look around this local barangay in Baganga, Davao Oriental. The coastline is raw, and full of unique reefs, pebbly beaches, and lots of vegetation and coconut trees.

As the evening fell… Kumander Daot showed up and joined in the fun.

Another raw and beautiful day, this time at our friend’s beach home in Mindanao.

Power On.




Russell Montiel Montojo says:

yeah i know that fish it is delicious to eat when u fry that fish or u dry it in the sun to make daing.

Rasta Man says:

I just Subscribe Bro. Been watching your Vids since you were in Cagayan De Oro. I thought I already hit the subscribe button. But Yeaah. Glad and happy Happy watching this Vid of you reminds me to where i came from. Probinsya 🤙
Stay safe

Ernie Sapalasan says:

Kulas why do you always keep asking peoples name, you can be friendly to people and also start conversation without asking their names its just that we are not used to being asked our name unless it is a formal acquaintance or a scheduled meeting

Meriam Colipano says:


MIKE Jebb says:

Good prayer commander D. That made me so happy. God bless you😁


ang sarap ng lechon and nice beach

Bhems In Netherlands says:

Hala uy kalami sa Ginanggang uy

Bhems In Netherlands says:

Ur always respectful kulas thats why everyone love your channel🤩

Bhems In Netherlands says:

Kulas pls put the tittle of the music BG ur using becouse i really like it🤩

Bhems In Netherlands says:

Im late now kulas haha 2videos
Na diay imong bag-o upload🤩

Mae Fundador says:

This place gives me the urge to come home but sad to say kuti kaayo ipa uli, thanks dai video Kulas. Sutukil- sugba tula kilaw kalami ana oi. I’m not sure but syudad is City and Municipality is lungsod.

Gil Samaco says:

that's illegal fishing. too small

Joseph Mendoza says:

"Kabuang ma ning mga bata-a ni uy"… LMAO!!!

Stella Argallon says:

Oh! ang sarap ng sinugbang yellow fin tuna fish. Miss kona ang Camotes Island and the gatherings like what your doing. Love the beach so peaceful and clean.

Vicente Pasating says:

Watching your vlog I feel at home kulas Salamat kulas

John Stockers says:

Laki-laki-laki lakiiiii ng ng tawa mo! Sabi ng pabo or (turkey)🦃🦃🦃🦃 kanamit gi na kylas ya…😋😋🤣🤣🤣 yan naba bago mong bahay kulas?😳

rommel escoltos says:

What's the title of the background music pls?

Angelo Forton says:

good day po sir kulas😃😃😎mamangkot lang ko saimu kon anu ang title sang kanta s umpisa sang imu video?madamu nga salamat😃😃

Black March says:

Pinoy baiting. Ilang taon ka na sa pinas, yet di ka pa rin marunong straight tagalog o bisaya. Mas okay pa si Bisayang Hilaw e. Haay

zacarias manabo says:

Makalingaw gyud si Bai Kulas

Pedider Linguaphile says:

Gr8 video! How's the current tourism situation there? Is it possible to visit the phillipines right now?

lemuel ganosa says:

kulas please try to vlog go fishing with locals, that would be fun

Cip Conson says:

Nice place Kulas…Kulas pila imong palit sa imong drone?

Jude Gregorry Diel says:

I think I saw you in abreeza awhile ago. 😅🙂

Grace Tuyor says:


A Waiter Love's To Travel TV says:

Tsada kaayo ang view
Nindot Ang sounds
Lamian nga foods.
Thanks for posting bro!

psaisai roble says:

Palahubog kaau inyo attorney hahha.

Nindo X007 says:

Kumander D: Olok Olok Olok Olok
in English: 😁😁😁😁????

I really miss lechon Pabo "bbq Turkey" so much..

Julie rødsjøsether says:

I really miss Philippines now n spending time with family n friends . I hope we are allowed to travel soonmi og healthy permi ulam ninyo Kulas oi,,,, Power on!

Milan Mojzis says:

Hello Kulas nice fish.I watching you from Denmark and I'm from Slovakia and my wife is from Bohol Philippines.Here in Denmark 🇩🇰 we call the fish hornfisk.Its very good fish for soup like sinigang.Nice video see forward for next your videos.👌👍

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