BALSAMIC VINEGAR in your ADOBO??? Let's give our PORK ADOBO a twist! Sooo Sarap!!!

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Let’s give our ordinary ADOBO a twist!

Pork, cut into cubes
Soy sauce
Balsamic Vinegar
red wine vinegar (optional)
apple cider vinegar (Optional)
whole pepper corn
bay leaves,
garlic and onion


Chinita MheL says:

Hmmm my favorite pork adobo. Pag uwi ko makakaulam na din ako niyan.

Iris Creation CDC says:

Ang sarap, yummy one of my favourite dish, I feel hungry watching your dish mam

Agha Vlogs says:

Sarap naman ng pork adobo mo sis nagutom tuloy ako. Yummy

Leo Barrido says:

Another delicious recipes! Paborito ko talaga Yan adobo at pinasarap mo pa. salamat super friend.

Daddy Allan and Cavin vlogs says:

Adobong babi with balsamic vinegar..tas may konting sugar..naglaban ang asim at mapapwow k..Ms May kanyaman na pangaluto..bagong sangkap para mas lalong sumarap..dakal la apangan kanyan deng kapamilya.gawin ko din yan..namnam.

GROWing In Lov3 says:

This was a new way of making Adobo and I like how you used the brown sugar to offset the acidity of the balsamic vinegar. I would prefer Adobo with sauce opposed to leaving it to dry out too much. Do you typically serve this recipe with a side of vegetables, rice/ noodles or just have it on its own? Great video!

Team Triple A Vlog says:

Balsamic, red wine and apple cider vinegar will definitely give the adobo a new twist cabalen, your adobo have a lot of good ingredients that will make it so yummy! I’m going to try this for sure! Unli rice na!

Lito & Marie’s Couple’s Vlog says:

Pakain po ang adobong masarap sa sukang balsamic. So yummy.

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