Baby's First Dental Checkup | Filipino Pork Adobo Recipe | Day In The Life Of A Mom Of Two Girls

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Hello guys, it’s a gloomy cold day when I filmed this video. We went to my baby’s first dental check-up. Afterwards, we went to pick my older daughter from school. I also shared a Filipino Pork Adobo Recipe. So I hope you like this video.

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Hello, I’m Cindy, a mama to two beautiful girls. We share videos about our daily lives, our travels, family adventures, recipes, and anything about motherhood.


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Life with the Dunklin's says:

I loooove these kinds of videos…a day in the life lets you into someone else's life and enjoy a new routine, a new culture potentially and a new place. Love this 😀

Jacinda Martinez says:

This was a great vlog and your cooking looks lovely

Anjali khatri says:

Delicious…. Wnna try this..

Sunshine Rae of Random says:

The pork adobo looks really good.

Debbie Blossom says:

I love this vlog, it was really engaging and exciting to watch.

Kalishenanigans says:

I should also make a plan for dentist too for my son. Thanks for sharing your a day in a life. Gave me an idea of how other interracial family like us.

Jojo Rarity says:

I loved this vlog. 😍 going to the dentist sucks haha but this was so cute how excited they were 😀

Brwngirl X says:

Awe your daughter looks so happy

Beth Awinobeth says:

She is so beautiful,love the marination

Awino Beth says:

I love pork alot so am salivating here,day of activities

Black Rock says:

Loved 🥰 to see your day in life , beautiful morning and happy child 👏🏼

Whoislizapper says:

Your daughters are so adorable🥰

Jaye Spencer says:

Awwwwwwnyour baby is so cuteeee!!

Hawa Lewis says:

I wish my kids were that happy to go to the dentist lol enjoyed this vloggy vlog!

Linda Sanders says:

Your children are beautiful!!❤❤ The food looked soooo amazing!!❤❤❤

ynew views says:

you have beautiful kids girl.. Sarap ang adobo! makaluto nga… hehehe

Rose Oceans says:

Kids never feel cold haha! Your daughter when she says it’s not cold and no gloves 🙂 nice vlog

Lucy Creek says:

The park looks such beautiful with autumn colours, you are doing a great job with two girls ☺️

Penny Parkway says:

Your title girl was so brave at the dentist, lovey vlog 😊

Right Chick says:

Your daughter is too happy about the dentist

Gill Shaun says:

Beautiful place and lovely morning, your daughter looks so happy

Heart Joy says:

Beautiful morning indeed

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