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John Hordista says:

It looks good. You did great. You know what they say, practice makes perfect. And trust yourself. And always measure your ingredients so that you can adjust the taste to your liking or to your customer's liking. Don't believe people who brags that they don't measure. And don't be shy to join with other filipinos at a family gathering and asking questions about how they cooked the food they served.

Mary Bennett says:

You are becoming quite the cook!


Hahaha! Reminds me of the first time I cooked adobo (too sour also). Lucy's of the Juicy Vlog came out too sour as well. But you learn and after that, it's perfect. Good job! 👍😉

Mark Alvin Castor-Hinolan says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You should have first sauteed the garlic in a little oil then browned the chicken a little!

Ranillo Casao says:

You just forgot to put onions, nd if your adobo taste so salty or sour m you may add potatoes to absorb the saltyness of adobo.

Ranillo Casao says:

Do some Filipino food mukbang next time

Ranillo Casao says:


It looks delicious to me!

EveJ J says:

Now I’m watching on my phone as it gives you ads. I watched it awhile ago in my desktop while working and there’s no ads that is playing. I knew ads will help you a bit with every hardwork you’re putting into your contents and you deserve more views. So later, I will watch it in my TV that gives ads too so that way, a little help goes a long way. And you’re doing the right things now of uploading more videos as you’ll get pushed as recommendations from your viewers. Keep it up!!

Bob Snow says:

Now just add pancit and rice, and of course a nice cold San Mig.

ayelogan says:

Hey I'm glad Izai didn't dump you over this.

Ss65malibu chevelle says:

Pretty much all I ate when I was over there was chicken or pork adobo

Nedskie channel says:

Ok Cody at least you’re trying you can learn, it’s okay but if you don’t mind I have a locals blog I’m still learning the yotube but I making adobo please subscribe my YouTube is Nedskie channel thanks you hope you like my adobo that’s old faction adobo please watch my vlog.

Stephen Dela Cruz says:

Compliments to the chef! ✨👌😁

EveJ J says:

Cody your magic sarap did the trick hahaha. Most people in the Philippines is using magic sarap to enhance the taste as it is like msg. I will cook one later and will tell you exactly how I did it. There are different variety of ways to cook it but so easy. And yes, you can't put too much of vinegar and soy sauce or else you'll damage the taste. Anyway, I'm glad Izai likes them hahaha

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