5 Reasons Why Japanese Want to Date and Marry Filipinos

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Illusion Of Gaia says:

Actually…I hope Japanese sticks with only Japanese and give birth to more Japanese. So much good things come from the minds of Japanese people like anime and video games and anything MADE IN JAPAN will last you a lifetime. So one should not interfere with Japanese bloodline and heritage.

just some slav bear with internet acces says:

This man is spitting facts imma call my friends to sub and watch ur content love from indonesia

Bobby Fillartos says:

Gusto ko Ang content mo, napaka interesting , antanung..? Kayo b , Kaya nyong mabuhay tulad nming kapos sa buhay? Dito s Philipinas? Haha! Ndi nyo kami tulad nyo . Japanese . .

Jan Cy says:

Help us find a japanese friend plsss!❤️

zSummer 貝木 says:

If you want to date a Filipino, always know that I'm here. Lol

HAT ER says:

but the only problem was you cant change his/her mindset and it would be difficult to them to embrace foreign cultures.
one the other side filipinos can easily adopt your language and your culture thats a huge difference.

Nazi Franz says:

I like Japanese cute girls

George Ulangkaya says:

Fillipino love japanese people

MarkTheMiner Ph says:

I want to study in Japanese but i didn't have any money

Vincent Fuentes says:

I'm a filipino. I really love and appreciate this video, I hope I can marry japanese woman soon😄😍😍😍😍

00ショーン says:


Prince of Random says:

I really loved Japan, I really love their cultures, I definetly unto japanese person, somehow I want to have a friend but I dont have, someday I want to go their (Japan) my dream place to be with. If I have an opportunity to date a japanese girl I really appreciate that… Im just a normal province person☺️🥰😁

Nightcore Senpai says:

I want to have a Japanese friend…can you please tell how to find a Japanese people on social media… 😢 by the way I'm a filipino… 😊

Michael Angelo Tandaguen says:

Hi japanese girls 😉😍😘

Timtim Amar says:

Thanks bro for being so kind to us we really appreciate of all what you said and obcourse same here too for what we know to japanese that all of you are nice and respectful😊

joni lapuz says:

hello Ryu, you are a wonderful person. we love you and thanks for given interest to Philippines. Japanese are always welcome to Philippines. can you give comments to janella salvador to sings japanese translation of ikaw (anata). see link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4czy7gyDl4

Pacman punch says:

You like pilipino because pilipino is YouTuber lol.

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