My Australian Husband – Neilzie ate filipino street food Balut for the first time. We hope you enjoy this Mukbang Filipino street food video as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thank you to: FB: [More]
ALing Oday’s version of Red Velvet Pancake. For ingredients and exact measurements, visit: My Facebook page:
Korean guys try to make Filipino snack (Prima Toast) we tried to make Prima Toast a CEREAL style so…this is Prima Toast Cereal!!! and it tastes sensational @Ingredients 1. sliced bread 2. melted butter 3. [More]
SY Talent entertainment It is an N.G.O. manage by multinational group, its advocacy is to help Filipino music talent to introduce their artistry globally. Our goal is to help Filipino aspiring singers and musicians, including [More]
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#mysauceyadobe#chickenadobo Hello guyz,gusto ko lang po ishare # howicookmychickenadobo dito sa saudi, nkaka miz kc ang mga.pagkaing pinoy, kahit saan mag punta o san man tyong bansa hanap prin natin ang pagkaing pinoy, Kya nman [More]
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Some accounts of gold recorded by researchers as accounted to President Ferdinand E. Marcos. We do not own this video and we do not know the sources of the content creator. However, we shared this [More]
Ikalawang araw na ng ikalimang linggo dito sa MPL-PH Season 6! 😍 Mabibigat na laban ang ihahatid namin para sa lahat! 🥳 Pumili na sa mga nakahanay na laban ngayon at tignan kung sino ang [More]
Had a few request for Filipino foods so I decided to make Pork Adobo 🙂 Love you!! Recipe video here *Second Channel MINI PHAN CLUB AUZSOME AUSTIN OWENS WORLD *Follow us [More]
This is how we cook a very simple pork adobo bisaya style… i hope you like it… INGREDIENTS: – Pork Adobo Cut -Salt -Vinegar -Garlic -Black Pepper Seeds -How to Cook Gambas -How to [More]
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This chicken adobo recipe is a fool-proof way of making one of the best dishes in Filipino cooking. Sear, simmer, refrigerate, and reheat. That’s it. 0:00 Intro 0:34 Searing Chicken 2:09 Key Ingredients 2:58 Assembling [More]
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The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of 7,107 islands that are categorized broadly under three [More]
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#tagalogchallenge #filipino #learningtagalog Guys I had so much fun learning how to say a few words and phrases in Tagalog! Hopefully I’ll be able to learn enough to make my way through the Philippines. VOTE [More]
Paddling out in Baganga near our home in the Philippines we ended up hanging out with some friends who live in a Filipino fishing community. Stand up paddle boards have been an incredible way to [More]